MEMRI/ Khamenei: America Is A ‘Cheater And A Liar’; The Lausanne Declaration Is Nothing; Saudi Arabia Will Be Damaged By Its ‘Massacre’ In Yemen


Iranian Leader Khamenei: America Is A ‘Cheater And A Liar’; The Lausanne Declaration Is Nothing; Saudi Arabia Will Be Damaged By Its ‘Massacre’ In Yemen
MEMRI/15, 2015

On April 9, 2015, Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei spoke about the April 2, 2015 Lausanne declaration, clarifying that it was merely a statement for the media, with nothing having been agreed regarding the details of the negotiations – details that the parties will only begin to discuss later on. As such, he said, there was no need for a response from him regarding the declaration.

Khamenei noted that he had no confidence in Iran’s American negotiating partner, saying that it is “a cheater and a liar,” and pointing out that the Americans have been misrepresenting the details of the negotiations in public for domestic political purposes, and also in order to deal with the opponents of the negotiations. He called President Obama’s speech following the Lausanne declaration “smiling deception” and warned against believing in his promises.

At the same time, however, he noted that the nuclear negotiations constituted a test for the U.S., and that if the U.S. passed the test, the negotiations could be expanded to other areas.

Next in his speech, Khamenei publicly set out the negotiating framework for the Iranian negotiating team, the main points of which are: an immediate lifting of all sanctions the moment an agreement is reached; no intrusive oversight of Iran’s nuclear and military facilities; the continuation of Iran’s nuclear research and development program; and no inclusion of any topics not related to the nuclear program, such as missile capability or anything impacting Iran’s support for its proxies in the region.

He then went on to discuss the Saudi “massacre” in Yemen, and warned Saudi Arabia about the results of its attacks there.

The following are his statements:

“What Has Happened So Far Is No Guarantee Of An Agreement, Of Negotiations That Will Lead To An Agreement, Of The Details Of [Such] An Agreement, Or Even That These Talks Will Conclude In An Agreement”

“Some ask why the Leader has not yet taken a position on the recent nuclear negotiations. The reason for this is that there is nothing to take a position on, because the regime [i.e. President Rohani] and nuclear officials [i.e. the negotiating team] say that nothing has been settled and that no obligatory issue has been concluded by both sides.

“Such a situation does not require [me] to take a position. If I were to be asked, ‘Do you approve or disapprove of the recent nuclear talks?’ I would say that I neither approve nor disapprove, since nothing has happened yet.

“All the problems [will begin] when the details are discussed, because the opposite side is stubborn, breaks promises, behaves badly, and backstabs. It [i.e. the U.S.] could put our country, our nation, and our negotiating team under siege while the details are under deliberation.

“What has happened so far is no guarantee of an agreement, of negotiations that will lead to an agreement, of the details of [such] an agreement, or even that these talks will conclude in an agreement. Therefore, any congratulations [on reaching any agreement] are meaningless.

“I was never optimistic about negotiating with America; this is not based on illusions, but on experience. If one day the details of the issues, the events, and the notes passed around during the nuclear talks currently [underway] are revealed, everyone will see where our experience comes from.

“Although I am not optimistic about negotiating with America, I have supported these talks, and I still do. I am 100% in support of an agreement that guarantees the honor of the Iranian nation, and if anyone were to say that the Leader opposes reaching an agreement, they would be contradicting reality. I completely accept an agreement that ensures the national interests of the nation and the state.

“As I have said, no agreement is better than a bad agreement, because there is honor in rejecting an agreement that seeks to trample Iran’s national interests and destroy the honor of the nation – as opposed to [accepting] an agreement that humiliates the nation.

“Sometimes it is said that the details of these talks are overseen by the Leader, but this is not accurate. I am not indifferent to the talks, but thus far I have not interfered in their details, and neither will I do so in the future. I have already provided the general issues, the overall lines, the frameworks, and the red lines, mostly to President [Rohani] and on a few occasions to Foreign Minister [Zarif], but it is they who have the details. I have confidence in the nuclear negotiators and have never doubted them, and, Allah willing, this will be the case in the future as well. But I have serious concerns about the nuclear talks.”

“The Other Side Cheats, Lies, Breaks Promises”; “Two Hours After The Talks… The White House Published A Declaration… Most Of Which Diverged From Reality”

“The reason [for my concerns] is that the other side is a cheater and a liar; it breaks promises and contrary to the straight path. An example of such conduct by the opposite side [the U.S.] came during the recent talks [in Lausanne], when two hours after the talks ended, the White House published a declaration several pages long [i.e. the Fact Sheet] about the negotiations, most of which contradicted reality. Such a declaration cannot be written in two hours – this means that they had engaged in composing this slanderous, erroneous statement that contradicted the content of the negotiations at the very same time as they were negotiating with us.

“Another example [of their deception] is that after every round of talks, they deliver a public speech, and later tell [us] in private that this speech was aimed at maintaining [their] dignity at home, and to deal with the opponents [of the negotiations] – while these matters have nothing to do with us.

“As the well-known parable says: ‘The hunchback sees only his companion’s hump.'[1] They [the Americans] say that even if the Iranian leader opposed the negotiations, he is not telling the truth in order to [maintain] his dignity at home. But they do not understand the reality in Iran. The Leader’s statements to his people are based on mutual trust, and just as the people believe me, I completely believe the people, and I [also] believe that the hands of God are always with the people. The people’s presence in the cold of February 11 [Revolution Day] and in the heat of Ramadan and Jerusalem Day are all signs of the hand of God, and therefore I fully trust the people and my words to them are in the framework of the sentiment, integrity, and wisdom of the people.

“I am concerned about the conduct of the other side [the U.S.] as the negotiations continue. We must not go overboard or be hasty in this context, but rather wait and see what happens.”

“The Three Months [Allotted] To Reach An Agreement [I.E. By June 30, 2015]… Is Not Set In Stone, And…. If Additional Time Is Required, There Is No Problem Arranging It”

“The [presidential and negotiations] officials must update the people, especially the elites [i.e. the ideological camp in Iran that opposes the negotiations], and must inform them regarding the reality [of the talks], because nothing here is classified. Being empathetic is not just an edict by me, but something that must be created and nurtured, and in the current situation there is a golden opportunity to show empathy to the people. The [presidential and negotiations] officials, who are honest people who seek [to ensure] the national interest, should summon the prominent critics of the talks and talk with them. If [the critics] make a [good] point, this [point] should be used to better promote the talks, and if they do not have a point, they should be persuaded [that they are wrong]. This is the essence of empathy…

“The [presidential and negotiations] officials might say that the three months [allotted] to reach an agreement [i.e. by June 30, 2015] do not leave them enough time to hear out the critics. [They] should be told in response that the period of three months is not set in stone, and that if additional time is required, there is no problem arranging it – just as the other side, at some stage of the negotiations, held them up for seven months.”

“These Talks Are A Test” For The U.S.

“Negotiations with the Americans revolve solely around the nuclear issue and none other. These talks are a test. If the opposite side [the U.S.] ceases its aberrant behavior, we can continue this experiment with other issues [as well] – but if the other side continues its aberrant behavior, this will reaffirm our past experience regarding distrust of America.

“It is America and the EU 3 – not the international community – that are breaking promises to the Iranian nation. The international community comprises those same 150 countries whose heads and representatives attended the Non-Aligned Movement Summit in Tehran several years ago. Those who say that the side opposite us [in the negotiations] is the international community that needs to trust us are mistaken.

“In my personal meetings on the nuclear issue with the [presidential and negotiations] officials, I insist that they perceive our current nuclear achievements as extremely important, and that they do not downplay them. The nuclear industry is vital to the state. Some intellectuals, who ask, ‘Why do we need the nuclear industry?’ are being deceitful. The state requires an advanced nuclear industry for energy, for producing radiological medicine, for desalinating seawater, and for agriculture. The most important aspect of the state’s nuclear industry – that is, achieving this important industry – is the result of the talents of our young Iranians, and this is why we must continue [our] progress in the nuclear industry.

“Criminal countries like America, who have already used a nuclear bomb, or France, which conducted dangerous nuclear testing, are accusing us of attempting to manufacture a nuclear bomb, while based on a religious fatwa[2] and a basis of logic, the Islamic regime in Iran has never and will never aspire to a nuclear bomb, and considers it a headache.”

“We Cannot Swallow The Smiling Deception” Of The U.S.; “Another Of My Demands… Is That A Complete Lifting Of The Sanctions Must Be Carried Out Immediately And All At Once On The Same Day The Agreement [Is Reached]”

“Another request I made to the [presidential and negotiations] officials is to not trust the opposite side. Recently, one official explicitly said that we do not trust the opposite side. This is a good position. We cannot swallow the smiling deception of the opposite side, and we must not believe its promises. A good example of this is the position and speech given by the American president following the recent statement [to the media in Lausanne].”

“Another of my demands to the [presidential and negotiations] officials is that a complete lifting of the sanctions must be carried out immediately and all at once on the same day the agreement [is reached]. This is very important. If the sanctions are meant to be lifted in a new process, then the basis of the negotiations will be meaningless, because the aim of the negotiations is to get the sanctions removed.”

“No Form Of Special Oversight Which Would Make Iran A Unique Country With Regard To Oversight Is Acceptable”

“Another request I made to the [presidential and negotiations] officials concerns the oversight [of nuclear facilities]. We absolutely must not allow the pretext of oversight to enable them to penetrate our security and defensive zone. Even the state’s military officials do not have the authority to permit foreigners access to this zone, or to halt our defensive advancement under the guise of oversight.

“We must establish our defensive capabilities and the nation’s iron fist on the military front, and these are indeed growing stronger every day. Furthermore, we must not allow the talks to damage support for our fighting brethren in various places in the region [i.e. resistance organizations such as Hizbullah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Houthis in Yemen, and more].

“No form of special oversight which would make Iran a unique country with regard to oversight is acceptable. Oversight should be identical to the routine oversight that exists elsewhere and nothing more. Regarding the necessity of continuing the technical development of the nuclear program – scientific and technical advancement in various forms [i.e. research and development] should continue. The negotiating team might see the need to accept certain restrictions; I have no problem with this, but technical advancement should undoubtedly proceed at full force.

“Meeting these demands is the task of the negotiating team. They must find the proper methods to [promote] the talks, while obtaining assistance from the opinions of knowledgeable and credible people, including critics [of the negotiations].”

“The Saudi Government Is Currently Carrying Out Crimes In Yemen That Are Identical To Those Committed By The Zionists In Gaza… And Will Definitely Not Emerge Victorious”

“By attacking Yemen, the Saudis have made a mistake and created an evil and contemptible bid’a [i.e. forbidden innovation in Islam] in the region. The Saudi government is currently carrying out crimes in Yemen that are identical to those committed by the Zionists in Gaza. The operation against the Yemeni nation is a crime and a massacre, and should be hunted down internationally. Killing children, razing homes, and destroying the infrastructure and national wealth of a state are a great crime. The Saudis will undoubtedly suffer damage in this matter, and will definitely not emerge victorious. The coming defeat of the Saudis clear, and stems from the fact that the Zionists, who have many times the military capability of the Saudis, could not defeat a small territory like Gaza, [let alone] Yemen, which is a large country with a population of tens of millions. The Saudis will surely be struck down in this matter.

“We have many disagreements with the Saudis on various political issues, but I have always said that they would show a restrained and honorable foreign policy. But several inexperienced youths [i.e. Saudi King Salman, 80] have taken that state’s affairs into their own hands and they want their barbarity to surpass the previous [regime’s] restraint, which will undoubtedly end badly for them. This [Saudi] operation in the region is unacceptable, and I warn them to stop this criminal activity in Yemen.

“It is the nature of America to support the oppressor rather than the oppressed, but it will be harmed and defeated here as well. The criminal jets are undermining the security of Yemen’s skies, but they do not call that interference in Yemen’s affairs – instead, they accuse Iran of doing this, with moronic excuses that are unacceptable to God, the nations, or international logic.

“The Yemeni nation is a long-standing nation and is capable of determining its own government. The Saudis must immediately stop this disastrous crime. The initial plan of those who plot against the Yemeni nation is to create a leadership vacuum and replay the Libya scenario in Yemen. I am glad that goal was not achieved, because the faithful youth who are drawn to and continue the path of the Imam ‘Ali – whether they are Shi’ites, Sunnis, Zaydis, or Hanafis – stood against them and will continue to stand against them in the future, and will be victorious…”[3]


[1] In Persian, “the infidel thinks everyone acts the same way he does.”

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