Elias Bejjani/Video & Text: The anniversary of the Syrian army’s Withdrawal from Lebanon, scarring its humiliation, defeat and disappointment


Elias Bejjani/Video & Text: The anniversary of the Syrian army’s Withdrawal from Lebanon, scarring its humiliation, defeat and disappointment
Elias Bejjani/April 26, 2024

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April 26, 2005, marks not just a commemoration but a pivotal moment signifying the end of a painful era that commenced in 1976 with the Syrian army’s incursion into Lebanon, orchestrated by the Syrian dictator’s insidious agenda to occupy and dominate Lebanon’s decision-making processes. Today, the Lebanese people reflect on the withdrawal of the Assad regime’s oppressive army from Lebanon.

This retreat carried with it the weight of defeat, disappointment, and humiliation, brought about by the peaceful and civilized pressure of the Cedar Revolution and its allies, with both international and regional backing. However, the void left by the Syrian army has been filled by the Iranian-backed Hezbollah, a terrorist, sectarian, and expansionist group, perpetuating occupation, suppressing freedom, and subjugating sovereign leaders and citizens.

While the Syrian occupation was executed by a foreign force, the Iranian occupation unfortunately operates through a Lebanese entity, yet entirely beholden to the Iranian mullahs. Hezbollah and its master in Iran and since 1982, have relentlessly sought to dismantle the Lebanese state and replace it with one subservient to the concept of Wilayat al-Faqih. Consequently, the Iranian occupation, facilitated through Hezbollah, poses a greater threat than its Syrian predecessor.

Every Lebanese individual committed to Lebanon’s coexistence, message, and peace must reject this occupation and tirelessly strive to rid the nation of its shackles. Ultimately, good triumphs over evil, and as Lebanon embodies goodness while the occupiers represent malevolence, Lebanon will inevitably prevail, and all occupying forces are bound for defeat, disappointment, and humiliation.

The most perilous threat among the Syrian and Iranian occupiers, in terms of national, cultural, and future prospects, lies in those Lebanese who, in name only, exhibit ingratitude and hatred. These individuals, reminiscent of the Devil, the epitome of vileness, were once among the most beautiful angels but, through their denial of divine dignity, have fallen from grace into the abyss of hell.

Although the Syrian army withdrew on April 26, 2005, its intelligence apparatus, collaborators, and local mercenaries, under the banner of Hezbollah, persist in their treachery and deceit. They shamelessly contravene Lebanon and its people through coercion, assassination, invasion, hypocrisy, and all manner of criminal, terrorist, and mafia tactics to thwart the restoration of sovereignty, independence, and freedom. Lebanon, with its message of peace, sanctity, and civilization, remains an eternal flame against those who seek to harm it, relentlessly punishing any who dare violate the dignity, freedom, and identity of its people.

On this historic and patriotic day, let us solemnly remember the souls of our beloved homeland’s martyrs, yearning for the return of our heroic refugees, despite their forced exile in Israel, and the release of our abducted compatriots languishing in the dungeons of the criminal Assad regime.

In conclusion, sacred Lebanon will endure and triumph despite all tribulations, guarded by angels and embraced by Virgin Mary, who nurtures and safeguards it with Her, prayers, intercessions, tenderness and love.

The author, Elias Bejjani, is a Lebanese expatriate activist
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