Elias Bejjani/Yes, Netanyahu is a great leader


Yes, Netanyahu is a great leader
Elias Bejjani
March 18/15

Yes, Netanyahu is a great leader and the Middle East is blessed by him winning the elections.
Personally I see that currently he is the only historic world-wide leader in power.
He is the only world-wide leader that logically and patriotically is standing courageously, loudly and faith-wise against the Iranian Terrorists and their expansion schemes and terrorism.
This Israeli hero defeated by the support of his people President Obama who viciously did all his best to fail him in the elections.
In his last speech in front of the USA congress, Netanyahu did not only speak for Israel, but more eloquently, wisely and loudly on behalf of all the Arab countries and peoples.
Sadly the Arab leaders, with no exception at all have as always double standard approaches, and do not have the needed courage, wisdom and patriotism to join forces with Netanyahu to at least not defeat the Iranian Mullahs, but to contain their mad and uncontrolled territorial crazy and denominational ambitions.
In summary, As a Canadian of Lebanese descent, I am very proud that Canada is a role model in this context. It supports Netanyahu’s anti Iranian terrorism choices with no hesitation, and at the same time stands tall like our Lebanese Holy Cedars in its on going global fight against terrorism and terrorists.

Elias Bejjani
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