Elias Bejjani/Archbishop El-Hage’s detention is Unlawful, Arbitrary and Revengeful


Archbishop El-Hage’s detention is Unlawful, Arbitrary and Revengeful
Elias Bejjani/July, 19/2022
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General Security in Iranian occupied Lebanon, arbitrarily detained today for hours, the Lebanese Maronite archbishop Moussa El-Hage upon his return from the State of Israel, and he was exposed to humiliating lengthy unlawful interrogation. El-Hage is the Archbishop of Haifa, the Holy Land, and the Patriarchal Exarch of Jerusalem, Palestine and Jordan. He was detained at the Naqoura border crossing before being interrogated for eight hours. El-Hage’s detention is not comprehensible at all or acceptable by any means. Meanwhile, El Hage has also been summoned for interrogation before Military Examining Magistrate Fadi Akiki on Wednesday.
We call on the head of the Higher Judicial Council and the state prosecutor in occupied Lebanon to put an immediate end to the derailed judicial behavior of Judge Akiki, who viciously fabricated the case against El Hage, and to revoke the summoning and close the false file.
It was learned that  El-Hage felt humiliated after he was subjected to an extensive search that involved all the items that he was carrying with him. His religious post was not taken into consideration, nor the fact that he is a patriarchal exarch who represents Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi.
He was released following the intervention of senior church and judicial officials. It is worth mentioning that there had been recent attempts to link Archbishop Moussa El-Hage to cases related to collaboration with Israel.
The Archbishop was falsely accused of transferring money and medicines from Lebanese exiles in Israel to their families in Lebanon. Sources close to El-Hage stated with sadness that he was very dismayed by the manner in which he was detained, and the Patriarch al-Rahi was also extremely disappointed and harsh-toned in dealing with those whom he considered responsible for this detention. El-Hage will put al-Rahi in the picture of everything that has happened with him, after which a release is expected to be issued.
We, deeply believe that the whole provocation is sinful, vicious, unlawful, revengeful and strongly condemned.

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