Elias Bejjani: Thabet Thabet Is Canadian Lebanese Patriot Held Hostage In Occupied Lebanon/الحرية للمخطوف في لبنان الكندي اللبناني تابت تابت


Thabet Thabet Is a Canadian Lebanese Patriot Held Hostage In Occupied Lebanon
الحرية للمخطوف في لبنان الكندي اللبناني تابت تابت

Elias Bejjani/November 02/2019

Mr. Tahbet Thabet is a Canadian – Lebanese citizen and a freedom peaceful advocate and activist.

Mr. Thabet was arbitrarily and unlawfully was arrested at the Lebanese Beirut airport few days ago while he was trying to enter Lebanon in a bid to visit his parents.

Up till today no one know where he is held, or why he was arrested and according to what charges. Based on its oppressive record the Lebanese authorities might fabricate a case of treason against him, as they do with many of the Lebanese Diaspora freedom advocates and activists.

We learned from unconfirmed resources that the Lebanese military authorities are not allowing him to see a lawyer or even meet with any visitor.

We call on the Canadian government and the Canadian embassy in Lebanon to follow up on Mr. Thabet’s case who is actually a hostage, no more no less.

We strongly believe that the Canadian Government, and the Canadian embassy in Lebanon both by law carry a legal and ethical obligation to ensure by all means that Mr. Thabet is not tortured and that he is set free and returned safely to Canada to be with his family.

Yes, Mr. Thabet has been very active on all the social media facilities in advocating for a free and independent Lebanon, and at the same criticizing and opposing the puppet subservient Lebanese authorises and officials. But he did not break any Canadian law and simply he was practising his own holy right in voicing his free and patriotic opinion in a very peaceful mean.

Meanwhile, we call on each and every free and patriotic Lebanese in the Iranian occupied Lebanon, as well in all Diaspora countries to consider Thabet’s case as their own. Yes as their own because each  free and patriotic Diaspora Lebanese might confront the same hostage fate and be taken hostage when ever he or she decides to visit their home land at any time.

Once again Mr. Thabet is a genuine patriot and an active advocate for a free Lebanon.

It is worth mentioning that Mr. Thabet and before his immigrating to Canada has served in the Lebanese army as a Lebanese soldier.

We, call also on all the human rights’ organization, in Lebanon and world-wide to adopt Mr. Thabet’s case and work on freeing him as soon as possible.

*Elias Bejjani
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يا شعب الثورة ضد الفساد أين أنتم من وفائكم لمناضليكم؟
جورج خضرا/02 تشرين الثاني/2019
إن العسكري المتقاعد، والمناضل الإجتماعي الذي كان يدافع بشراسة عن حقوق العسكريين والمدنيين على حد سواء، ويفضح حقائق الفساد ويساعد وينبّه الشعب اللبناني بنشره فديوهات الحقيقة، ثار وناضل للحق وبالحقيقة، وعندما انتفض الشعب أبى أن يبقى بعيداً عنه، قرر أن يناضل معهم على الارض، كيف لا وهو العسكري الذي قضى حياته على الجبهات مضحياً بعمره لخدمة وطنه وارضه ومواطنيه. ترك كندا وتوجّه الى مطار بيروت، حيث وللفور اقتيد للإعتقال دون توجيه رسمياً أي تهمة إليه ودون محاكمته، ومنذ ذاك اليوم اختفى واختفت أخباره هل أصبح مطار بيروت مصيدة لأبناء الوطن العائدين؟
أين أختفى تابت تابت؟
وبعد أيام بدأنا نسمع أقاويل وتبريرات بأنه أُعتقل ومن ثم فبركوا له وكما عادتهم لكمّ أفواه الأحرار- فبركوا له تهمة انه متعامل مع العدو 😡
يا شعب لبنان ويا شعب الثورة: العسكري المتقاعد ترك كندا وركض ليكون معكم، اعتقلوه على المطار، وما من احد سأل أو يسأل عنه؟ اما تتظاهرون تحت راية لبنان ينتفض ضد عهد الفساد وعهد القمع ؟
المواطن تابت تابت هو معتقل سياسي بامتياز فقط لأنه أزعجهم بقوله للحقائق والحق .
كلنا_تابت تابت
الحرية لتابت تابت
كلنا معنيّين وكلنا سنرفع قضيته على صفحاتنا، من حق أهله وناسه وشعبه ان يعرفوا أين هو ولماذا اصطادوه من على مطار بيروت الدولي ؟؟؟!!!!
إرفعوا قضيته على صفحاتكم وغروباتكم .