Detailed LCCC English News Bulletin For March 12/201


Detailed LCCC English News Bulletin For March 12/201

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Titles For Latest LCCC Bulletin analysis & editorials from miscellaneous sources published on March 11-12/18
The Healing Miracle of the ParalyzedظElias Bejjani/March 11/18
Kataeb Party Unveils 131-Point Platform/ 11/18,
Qatar Diplomacy: Unraveling a Complicated Crisis/Simon Henderson/The Washington Institute/March 09/18
US Ambassador to Yemen: War Merchants are Getting Richer/Badr Qahtani/Asharq Al Awsat/March 11/18
Tyranny of Shaming/American Race Wars as Seen by an Immigrant/Nonie Darwish/Gatestone Institute/March 11/18
The ‘American Century’ Is Over, and It Died in Syria/Hal Brands/Bloomberg /March 11/18
Italy’s Election Was Quite Traditional, Actually/Leonid Bershidsky/Bloomberg /March 11/18
Beating down Netanyahu to save Israel: How media continues to distort facts/Ramzy Baroud/Al Arabiya/March 11/18
Mohammed bin Salman is the agent of Saudi Arabia’s change, not custodian of its past/Najah Alotaibi/Al Arabiya/March 11/18
Where to next, Italy/Eyad Abu Shakra/Al Arabiya/March 11/18

Titles For Latest LCCC Lebanese Related News published 
on March 11-12/18
The Healing Miracle of the Paralyzed
Lebanon’s political power clans pass their assembly seats to the next generation
LF-Mustaqbal Electoral Negotiations Suffer Setback
Bassil from Australia: We Won’t Allow Replacement of Lebanese Expats with Refugees
Diplomat Confirms Gulf States to Back Army in Rome Meeting
Jabbour Says No Imminent Geagea-Hariri Meeting
Hariri Urges Votes for ‘Rafik Hariri Project, Stability, Economy, Arab Identity’
Salameh: Lebanese Pound stable, economic situation well controlled
Bassil urges expatriates to participate heavily in elections
Kataeb Party Announces Candidates for Parliamentary Polls
Sami Gemayel Urges Lebanese to Put Politicians to Account in Upcoming Polls
Kataeb Party Unveils 131-Point Platform
Titles For Latest LCCC Bulletin For Miscellaneous Reports And News published on March 11-12/18
Saudi ambassador to Beirut pulled after less than 3 months
Turkish Warplanes Destroy 18 PKK Targets in Iraq
Ankara Announces Reaching Agreement with Washington over Manbij, East Euphrates
Paris Attacks’ Main Suspect Speaks to Judge for First Time
UAE Official: Arab-Turkish Relations Not at Their Best
Egypt Issues Death Sentences against 10 Defendants in ‘Imbaba Terror Cell’ Case
Iran becoming ‘nervous’ about warmer Saudi-Iraqi relations, report states
Dubai Police considers using artificial intelligence to fight drug smuggling
Private Turkish Plane Crashes in Iran on Way from UAE
Netanyahu Accused of Stoking ‘Fake’ Crisis to Force Poll
Erdogan Slams NATO for Failing to Back Syria Campaign
Delegation from Syria Rebel Enclave Mulls Evacuation Deal
Mattis Says Any Gas Attack in Syria ‘Very Unwise’
Cuba Vote Opens Final Chapter of Castro Era
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The Healing Miracle of the Paralyzed
Elias Bejjani/March 11/18