Detailed LCCC English News Bulletin For November 02/17


Detailed LCCC English News Bulletin For November 02/17

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Titles For Latest LCCC Bulletin analysis & editorials from miscellaneous sources published on November 01-02/17
Salute To The Courageous & Patriotic Nawfal Daou/Marlaine Badr/Face Book/November 01/17
Shia Unrest in Hezbollah’s Beirut Stronghold/Hanin Ghaddar/The Washington Institute/November 01/17
Euro-Stans/Eyad Abu Shakra/Asharq Al Awsat/November 01/17
The European Project Needs a New Long-Term Vision/Jean Tirole/Bloomberg/November 01/17
Gaza Strip: Breeding Ground for Radical Terror Groups/Bassam Tawil/Gatestone Institute/November 01/17
Yes, That Cartoon of Me Was Anti-Semitic/Alan M. Dershowitz/Gatestone Institute/November 01/17
Might Xi Jinping’s Star Be Burning Too Bright/David Ignatius/The Washington Post//November 01/17
Qatar’s official nonsense/Mohammed Al-Hammadi/Al Arabiya/November 01/17
Respect for religious pluralism in Islamic history/Dr. Tayyeb Tizini/Al Arabiya/November 01/17
A new era: Women allowed in Saudi stadiums/Mashari Althaydi/Al Arabiya/November 01/17
America’s Radicalization Problem: It’s Local/Matthew Levitt/New York Daily News/November 01/17

Titles For Latest LCCC Lebanese Related News published on November 01-02/17
Salute To The Courageous & Patriotic Nawfal Daou
Bukhari Hands al-Rahi Invitation to Visit Saudi Arabia
President Aoun meets newly appointed Lebanese ambassadors
Mashnouq to Bassil: You’ll Never be in Position Allowing You to Define My Jurisdiction
Berri Warns: Israel’s Planned Border Wall Will Violate Lebanon’s Sovereignty
Maronite Bishops Say ‘Heavy Burden’ Syrian Refugees ‘Risk Losing Their Identity’
Hariri: Expansion of Airport Capacity to Accommodate 5 Million More Passengers
Chamoun: Nothing Remarkable about Achievements During Aoun’s Term
Report: Hizbullah Says Stances Against it ‘Won’t Impact’ Govt Harmony
Drug Dealers Arrested in Mount Lebanon
Man Found Dead with Bullet Wound in Akkar
Information Ministry organizes ‘protection of media creativity from piracy’ conference upcoming Friday at Serail
Berri: For swift action against Israeli violations of Lebanon sovereignty
Jumblatt offers condolences to Richard on New York terror attack victims
Bassil meets Tachnag delegation
Audi tackles political issues with Pharaon, meets ambassador of Ukraine
Lebanese Army refers Shadi Mahmoud Ammoun to judiciary for links to Daesh
Guidanian, Tunisian Ambassador tackle tourism cooperation prospects
Shia Unrest in Hezbollah’s Beirut Stronghold

Titles For Latest LCCC Bulletin For Miscellaneous Reports And News published on November 01-02/17
Kuwait’s ruler reappoints PM: state news agency
Blast kills 13 at wedding in India
Syrian opposition rejects Russia-sponsored congress
Iraqi army threatens Erbil over ignoring security pact
Russian bombers hit militant targets in Syria’s Deir al-Zor
Extremist Arrested after Knife Attack Near Tunisia’s Parliament
Hamas Hands Over Gaza Border Crossings to PA Control
Parliamentary Demands to Exclude Ahmadinejad from EDC
5 Argentinian Friends on School Reunion Killed in the New York Attack
Lawyer: Catalonia’s Puigdemont Unlikely to Return to Spain
Cargo Ship with 10 Crew Sinks in Black Sea, Search Operations Underway
Former Israeli Minister in Prison over Corruption
Saudi Arabia Strongly Condemns New York Attack
10 Bahrainis Stripped of Nationality, Convicted on Terrorism Charges
Putin Visits Tehran for Talks on Syria, Nuclear Deal
Hamas Hands over Egypt Border Crossing to Palestinian Authority

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