Detailed LCCC English News Bulletin For August 23/17


Detailed LCCC English News Bulletin For August 23/17

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Titles For Latest LCCC Bulletin analysis & editorials from miscellaneous sources published on August 22-23/17
Bashir Gemayel is A Dream That Will Never Die/Elias Bejjani/August 23/17
No more trust in Hariri Or Geagea/Elias Bejjani/August 21/17
Supporting the Army is totally inconsistent with supporting the supreme terrorist organisation: Hezbollah/Roger Bejjani/Face Book/August 22/17
The Body of the Martyr is a Living Eucharist/Fr Georges Massouh/August 22/17
Comments on Trump’s strategy on Afghanistan/Dr. Walid Phares/Face Book/August 22/17
Trump’s Afghanistan plan: Support is ‘not a blank check’/Matthew Kazin/Fox News/August 21/17
Russia’s Election Meddling Backfired/David Ignatius/The Washington Post/August 22/17
Spain: Barcelona Attack Was Preventable/Soeren Kern/Gatestone Institute/August 22/17
Vision behind the Global Commission on the Future of Work/Ameenah Gurib-Fakim/President of MauritiusStefan Löfven/Prime Minister of Sweden/August 22/17
Trump and the GOP Need a Restart/Hugh Hewitt/The Washington Post/August 22/17
Gulf IPO pipeline making the right headlines/Dr. Mohamed A. Ramady/Al Arabiya/August 22/17
Qatar and the black list of agents and conspirators/Abdullah bin Bijad Al-Otaibi/Al Arabiya/August 22/17
Immoral amendments of Iraq’s amnesty law/Adnan Hussein/Al Arabiya/August 22/17
A freewheeling conversation over coffee addiction/Mahmoud Ahmad/Al Arabiya/August 22/17

Titles For Latest LCCC Lebanese Related News published on August 22-23/17
Bashir Gemayel is A Dream That Will Never Die

No more trust in Hariri Or Geagea
Supporting the Army is totally inconsistent with supporting the supreme terrorist organisation: Hezbollah
The Body of the Martyr is a Living Eucharist
General Qanso: No information about military hostages
Emirates denies one of its planes has been targeted with a bomb
Iran Assistant FM: We are Committed to Consolidating Ties with Lebanon
Lebanon: Ceasefire Agreements Stumbling in Ain al-Hilweh
IS ‘Emir’ Seeks Exit to Deir Ezzor as Ibrahim Asks for Info on Held Troops
Army Liberates 100 Out of 120 Sq Kms as IS Explosives Kill Soldier
ISG Urges ‘Continued Int’l Support to Further Strengthen LAF Capabilities’
Harb from Parliament: Not calling for by elections is constitutional violation
Change and Reform bloc calls to celebrate army victory
Hariri, Ansari discuss bilateral ties
Youssef Saadeh visits Meerab
Ain el-Hilweh Rocked by Fierce Clashes for Sixth Day

Titles For Latest LCCC Bulletin For Miscellaneous Reports And News published on August 22-23/17
Trump Backs Off Afghan Withdrawal, Lambasts Pakistan
Iran Threatens to Return to High Enrichment if U.S. Quits Nuclear Deal
UN: Iraq must do more for ISIS sex abuse victims
Bahrain accuses Qatar of plot to topple regime with ‘Academy of Destruction’
US Secretary of Defense in Surprise Iraq Visit to Discuss ISIS Fight
Syria Peace Talks in Astana Postponed to September
Washington Monitors 10,000 Qaeda Militants in Idlib
Lavrov: ‘Idlib Complications Delay Astana Talks, Calls with Riyadh to Form Unified Opposition Delegation’
Riyadh Pays 4 Months of Financial Aid to Palestinian Authority Budget
Abbas: Trump’s Administration is in Chaos
Bahrain King: Our Support to Yemen’s Legitimacy Will not End
Asharq Al-Awsat Reveals Latest Details of Qatari Pilgrims Crisis

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Bashir Gemayel is A Dream That Will Never Die
Elias Bejjani/August 23/17
It is a historical fact that patriotic, national, religious causes cannot be killed by assassinating their founders or those who lobby for them. In fact, the contrary usually happens.
History shows that major worldwide religions spread after the departure of their founding leaders. Christianity, for example, spread all over the world after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The Pharisees crucified Jesus, believing his death would put an end to his new religion. They were disappointed, and Christianity became the number one religion in the whole world. Luke 12:4 in the Holy Bible reads, “Don’t be afraid of those who kill the body and can do nothing more.”
On August 23/1982, following in the steps of the Pharisees, Lebanon’s collaborators joined by some regional tyrants deluded themselves into believing that assassinating President-elect Sheik Bashir Gemayel, would also kill the Lebanese cause. They thought killing Bashir would destroy Lebanon’s history and identity, and sever the Lebanese from their roots.
What happened 2000 years ago, happened again in a way. History repeated itself and the contemporary Pharisees were no more lucky than the Pharisees of the Christ era.
Today the Lebanese cause is known worldwide and every day more Lebanese everywhere are committing themselves to it in spite of the hardships and difficulties.
On the annual anniversary of Bachir’s election as Lebanon’s president on August 23/1982, we renew our vows and declare again our commitment to Bashir’s cause and dream, to our national Lebanese identity, to liberation, to basic dignity and to holy resistance against the occupation.
Bashir’s cause is not dead. It cannot die, will never die as long as one Lebanese remains committed to Bashir’s patriotic beliefs and loyalty to Lebanon, to 7000 years of history and civilization … Lebanon the 10452 km2.
Bashir’s national dream for Lebanon is not dead, for no criminal can kill dreams about freedom. Dreams are acts of intellectual imaging and portrayal of aspirations, objectives and hopes that people endeavour to fulfill in reality. Bashir’s dream is alive in the hearts and spirits of every patriotic Lebanese all over the world.
Our deep-rooted Lebanese identity is unique.
It was carved by our faithful ancestors in Lebanon’s mighty mountains and planted with sweat and blood in its holy soil throughout six thousand years of heroism and sacrifices. Generation after generation, Lebanese have built Lebanon and made it into a fort and oasis for freedom, and an asylum for the persecuted…. Lebanon may not be a big country, but it is big in deeds.
For 7000 years Lebanon was successful in surviving with dignity, through hundreds of invaders, tyrants and conquerors…all were forced to depart defamed and in humiliation, defamed.
Bashir gave our identity worldwide dimension and made it a cause and purpose for each and every Lebanese.
Lebanon’s liberation is the aim of every patriotic Lebanese.
Virtues of dignity and resistance are known characteristics for Lebanon and its people.
They are deeply rooted in Lebanon’s holy soil and in the Lebanese minds, spirits and conscience, as well as in their noble conduct and faith.
Bashir portrayed and personified wisdom, patriotic conduct, courage, national devotion and leadership traits, all the distinctive Lebanese virtues.
He carried the liberation torch, and never abandoned the Lebanese cause, and became its martyr.
Bashir Gemayel scared those who feared truth, justice and sainthood.
He frightened collaborators, traitors and those who never believed in Lebanon’s history and identity.
Bashir was a nightmare for all Lebanon’s enemies when he was alive, and still is years after his assassination.
Sheik Bashir, Sheik Bashir, 35 years after your departure, you are still in our conscience and hearts.
Your dream is still our dream, and we are still fighting for the same cause.
Lebanon is still occupied and the 10452 km2 are not yet liberated. But in spite of all hardships and difficulties, the torch that you carried is still held high, and the battle rages.
By God’s will, the fight will not cease before the complete liberation of our Lebanon, the Lebanon that you loved, cherished and worshipped.
Bashir, Bashir, you are alive. When the Pharisee’s murdered you, only your flesh passed away. And in that moment your sanctified image was burned forever into the hearts of your people.
Your heroism was sealed.
Bashir, you speak to the conscience of every Lebanese who believes in Lebanon and its people. You live on in us, and in our blessed heritage.
Long Live Free Lebanon.
*This article was first published in year 2000. This above copy is slightly modified

No more trust in Hariri Or Geagea
Elias Bejjani/August 21/17

Sadly, both Mr. Hariri, and Mr. Geagea are fully responsible for the unwise, unpatriotic and vicious dismantling of the Lebanese patriotic opposition, the coalition of 14th of March. They both and because of their mere personal ambitions, hunger for power and poor political calculations and zero future national vision they fell prey to the Terrorist Hezbollah and surrendered to its occupational agenda and to the Iranian expansionism scheme. Both of them exchanged the genuine and patriotic opposition of 14th of March coalition with personal governing power gains. They both killed their conscience and practically sided with Hezbollah’s hegemony…although rhetorical they are still in the frame of camouflage criticising Hezbollah in bid to maintain their image in the eyes of their supporters. Simply we can not and should not trust them any more.. Accordingly new patriotic leaders are a must for Lebanon’s salvation. We fully understand the back ground of many of our honest people who based on a nostalgic longing still blindly support Mr. Geagea and deal with his alliances, choices and wishes as holy and accordingly must be obeyed.. It is time for both men to resign from the political life and arena …New Leadership is a must.