Elias Bejjani: Aounists In Diaspora: Denial, confusion and Grandiose Delusionsالعونيون في بلاد الإنتشار: انكار وضياع وأوهام عظمة


Aounists In Diaspora: Denial, confusion and Grandiose Delusions
العونيون في بلاد الإنتشار: انكار وضياع وأوهام عظمة
Elias Bejjani/June 07/17

It is very sad and extremely disappointing that certain top notch Aounists in Diaspora in general, and in the USA in particular, are currently entirely detached from reality, overwhelmed in denial, and still according to their derailed and frozen minds living in the pre 2005 era.

During the pre 2005 era, the Aounists were loudly, courageously and openly against Hezbollah, the Iranian proxy terrorist organization, and extremely active in opposing the Syrian Stalinist regime, as well as in exposing its bloody, criminal and oppressive conduct in both Lebanon and Syria.

In fact, the Diaspora Aounist activists were among the most influential and prominent groups that lobbied successfully for the passing of the USA, “Syria accountability and Lebanese sovereignty restoration act of 2003.”

The patriotic history and achievement record of these Diaspora Aounists seems to be 100% contradicting their current political affiliations, lobbying and agenda.

The FPM Lebanese Party, that they are officially or unofficially affiliated to, and since 2006 has boldly joined forces on all levels, and in all domains with both the Syrian and Iranian terrorists regimes.

At the same, the FPM Lebanese Party has adopted all the Iranian-Hezbollah anti Lebanese, anti Arab and anti Western doctrines.

Accordingly, The Diaspora Aounists at the present time are not mentally, intellectually or politically oriented to time, place and person, because falsely believe that they are still serving the independence and sovereignty of their homeland, Lebanon, and its people.

In the time disorientation domain, they are still living in the pre 2005 era, and unconsciously denying the fact that it is now the 2017 year.

In the person category of mental confusion, they are unable to see or grasp the actual shocking reality that their Lebanese FPM party’s leadership are not any more serving or representing the Lebanese Sovereignty, independence, Freedom, history, people or the common-coexistence living role of Lebanon.

They intentional blinded themselves in a bid not to recognize and not to admit that the FPM leadership has turned to be mere puppets and Trojans in the hands of the Iranian regime, and its terrorist Hezbollah armed proxy.

Their sickening denial and detachment from reality is making them politically confused and living in an Alzheimer mental like status, to the extent of total blindness.

In actuality and reality they are suffering from a chronic and ongoing sickening ailment of severe and devastating denial.

They are unconsciously denying the fact that their party, the FPM, and its leadership, that they are affiliated to, support, and lobby for are not serving Lebanon any more, but turned to be mere pro Iranian – Hezbollah tools and robots.

In conclusion, the Aounists in Diaspora did blemish and destroy all their pro Lebanese hard and genuine work record that took place in the pre 2005 era.

At the present time these Aounists are serving consciously or unconsciously (no difference) the Iranian-Hezbollah terrorist and expansionism agenda that aims to destroy any thing and every thing that is Lebanese, to keep Lebanon under occupation, and at the same time use Lebanon as a military and a propaganda base for their global terrorism, and their evil Anti Lebanese-Anti Arab schemes.

May Almighty God Bless Lebanon and its loving peace people


Elias Bejjani
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