Jerusalem Post: Israeli Army Holds Largest Exercises in 20 Years To Prepare For Imminent Hezbollah Threat/مناورة إسرائيلية ضخمة تحاكي حربا مع حزب الله


Israeli Army Holds Largest Exercises in 20 Years To Prepare For Imminent Hezbollah Threat
Jerusalem Post///September 04/17

IDF: Hezbollah is an imminent threat, at the top of our priorities
Hezbollah uses drones against IS in Syria

The IDF is set to launch a large-scale exercise in preparation for a potential faceoff with the Shi’ite terror group, that continues to pose an imminent danger to the country’s security.

Amid rising tensions on Israel’s northern border, the IDF will be launching Monday evening its largest drill in close to 20 years, with tens of thousands of soldiers from all branches of the army simulating a war with Hezbollah.

The drill is unique and unprecedented in scope, the army has affirmed, and it will enable forces to maintain a high level of readiness in an ever-changing region.

According to military assessments, while it is unlikely that Hezbollah attack Israel in the near future, the northern border remains the most explosive and both sides have warned that the next conflict between the two would be devastating.

The IDF is preparing itself for a different kind of war on the northern front. According to the military, while the drill itself is set to focus only on the border with Lebanon, a potential future altercation would not be contained only in the part of the border and would spread to the entirety of the northern border.
While the primary threat posed by Hezbollah remains its missile arsenal, the IDF believes that the next war will see the terror group trying to bring the fight into the home front by infiltrating into Israeli communities to inflict significant civilian and military casualties.
The two-week long drill will focus on countering the increased capabilities of Hezbollah and is expected to include simulations of evacuating communities which sit on the border with Lebanon.
During the drill, soldiers will play the role of civilians being evacuated, but with close to 1 million Israelis living in Israel’s north, an estimated quarter million would be evacuated in case a war breaks out with the Shiite Lebanese terror group.
Named after Meir Dagan, the former head of the Mossad, the exercise will see thousands of reservists and all the different branches of the IDF- Air Force, Navy, Ground Forces Intelligence, Cyber- drilling their ability to work side by side in case such a war should break out.

In an attempt to secure the exercise but also simulate what it would be like in case of a real war, no soldiers will be allowed to bring in their phones or any other digital devices.

Hezbollah says future Israel war could draw more fighters than in 2006 . Hezbollah has rebuilt its arsenal since the last war fought between the group and Israel back in 2006, with at least 100,000 short-range rockets and several thousand more missiles that can reach central Israel. According to some Israeli analysts, the next war with Hezbollah might see 1,500-2,000 rockets shot into Israel per day, compared to the 150-180 per day during the Second Lebanon war 10 years ago in which 121 soldiers and 44 civilians were killed and over 2,000 injured.

In addition to having rebuilt their arsenal, Hezbollah has changed from a terror group fighting guerilla style targets to an army with battalions, brigades and over 40,000 fighters who have gained immeasurable battlefield experience from fighting in Syria on the side of President Bashar al-Assad.
But while the threat still looms large, Israel has made it clear that it will continue to work to prevent the group from acquiring advanced weaponry, striking weapons convoys in Syria destined for the group at least 100 times in the past five years.

مناورة إسرائيلية ضخمة تحاكي حربا مع حزب الله
القدس – فرانس برس/ الإثنين 04 أيلول 2017/يجري الجيش_الاسرائيلي اعتبارا من الثلاثاء تدريبا عسكريا واسع النطاق يحاكي حربا مع حزب_الله اللبناني، في اضخم مناورات من نوعها منذ قرابة 20 عاما، بحسب ما اعلنت مصادر عسكرية اسرائيلية الاثنين. وقال مصدر في وزارة الدفاع الاسرائيلية ان هذه #المناورات ستتيح محاكاة “مختلف السيناريوهات التي يمكن ان نواجهها اذا ما خضنا نزاعا مع حزب الله”. بحسب مصدر عسكري آخر طلب بدوره عدم نشر اسمه، فإن هذه المناورات سيشارك فيها عشرات آلاف العسكريين، بمن فيهم جنود في الاحتياط، اضافة الى طائرات وسفن وغواصات. واضاف المصدر ان الجيش الاسرائيلي سيجري خلال هذه التدريبات محاكاة لمستشفيين ميدانيين وسيختبر تكنولوجيات جديدة مثل شاحنات بدون سائقين او طوافات بدون طيارين لتنفيذ عمليات اخلاء.وبدأت الدولة العبرية استعداداتها لهذه المناورات قبل عام ونصف العام، علما بأن آخر مناورات عسكرية بهذه الضخامة تعود الى العام 1998 عندما اجرى الجيش الاسرائيلي محاكاة لحرب مع سوريا. وكانت اسرائيل شنت في صيف 2006 حربا ضد حزب الله استمرت شهرا واوقعت اكثر من 1200 قتيل في الجانب اللبناني غالبيتهم مدنيون، و160 قتيلا في الجانب الاسرائيلي غالبيتهم عسكريون.