Detailed LCCC English News Bulletin For January 29-30/16


 Detailed LCCC English News Bulletin For January 30/16

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Titles For Latest LCCC Bulletin analysis & editorials from miscellaneous sources published on january 29-30/16
Meet one of Hezbollah’s teen fighters/Mona Alami/Al-Monitor/January 29/16
True or false/Michael Young/Now Lebanon/January 29/16
Will Iranians be able to increase voter turnout in the next election/Arash Karami/Al-Monitor/January 29/16
Iranians launch boycott of Saudi businesses/Masoud Lavasani/Al-Monitor/January 29/16
Why Turkey and Iran are two odd allies/Dr. Majid Rafizadeh/Al Arabiya/January 29/16
Ceasefire first, Geneva talks second/Mohamed Chebarro/Al Arabiya/January 29/16
Who benefits from restrictions on Lebanese banks/Nayla Tueni/Al Arabiya/January 29/16
Why Turkey and Iran are two odd allies/Dr. Majid Rafizadeh/Al Arabiya/January 29/16

Titles For Latest Lebanese Related News published on january 29-30/16
Nasrallah Renews Adherence to Aoun, Says Ready to ‘Go to Parliament Tomorrow’ if His Election Guaranteed
Bassil: No Partisan Interests Were Involved in Military Council Appointments
Jumblat Hints ‘Syrian-Iranian Team’ Putting Obstacles to New Eletoral Law
ISF Says Man Held for Murdering Palestinian Official in Shatila
Arsal Residents Flee to Baalbek as Deadly Nusra-IS Clashes Renew in Outskirts
Shells from Syria Land near Homes in Akkar’s Mashta Hammoud
Spy Device Discovered in Adaisseh
Geagea: Maarab Rapprochement Step Closer to Taef, No Dialogue with Hizbullah
Israel: ‘Spy’ Bird Returns Home after UNIFIL Mediation
Police Arrest Human Traffickers in Bekaa
Report: SIC Monitoring Activities of Suspicious Saudi Nationals, Companies
Dialogue Resumes between Kataeb and Hizbullah
Aoun Hails FPM-Hizbullah Alliance, Snaps Back at Franjieh on Christian Representation
Paris, Tehran to Consolidate Stability of ‘Friendly’ Lebanon
Meet one of Hezbollah’s teen fighters
FSA founder: We have “many Iranian, Hezbollah prisoners”

Titles For Latest LCCC Bulletin For Miscellaneous Reports And News published on january 29-30/16
Suicide Attack Kills 4 at Mosque in Saudi Shiite Region
Riyadh Welcomes Syrian Opposition’s Decision to Go to Geneva
Report: Iran coerces Afghans to fight in Syria
Iran President Pessimistic on Syrian Peace Process
France to Revive Plans for Israeli-Palestinian Peace Conference
Diplomats, Fighters Head Delegations to Syria Peace Talks
EU Border Agency Sees Fewer Syrians Arriving in Greece
Netherlands to Join U.S.-led Airstrikes in Syria
Anti-IS Alliance to Meet in Rome
At Least 10 Dead in NE Nigeria Suicide Bombing
Syrian Opposition Decides to Join Peace Talks as Geneva Meetings Kick Off
Hamas Ready for Fresh Conflict with Israel, Says Gaza Chief
Report: U.S., UK Hacked into Israeli Air Surveillance
Tunisian president: We stand by Saudi and GCC to repel any threat
France to recognise Palestinian state if deadlock with Israel not broken

Links From Jihad Watch Site for january 29-30/16
Raymond Ibrahim: “Christian Girls Are Only Meant for the Pleasure of Muslim Men”.
Leading Saudi cleric says Islamic State and Saudi Arabia “follow the same thought”.
Alcohol banned in UK government building: under Sharia because of secret deal to finance Islamic bond scheme.
Hugh Fitzgerald: No Need To Play The Dhimmi.
Iranian drone flew over US carrier — Navy says it was “abnormal and unprofessional”.
The ‘Same God’ Question (Part 1).
Glenn Greenwald yet again falsely claims story of US Muslim arrested in Turkish raid on Islamic State cell was false.
Egypt: Homemade bomb placed near Coptic Christian church.
Raymond Ibrahim: When Muslims Mutilate Themselves for Allah.
Police in German city accused of allowing Muslim migrants to shoplift.
Panic at Disneyland Paris: Muslim with two handguns and copy of the Qur’an arrested.
Hugh Fitzgerald: Schengenland And Its Discontents.
The hypnotic dance of death.
Anni Cyrus Moment: Sentenced to Stoning in the Islamic Republic.