Nadim Gemayel: Lebanon is a Christian notion


Nadim Gemayel: Lebanon is “a Christian notion
BEIRUT | / NNA – August 24, 2014

Marking the 32nd commemoration of his late father, Bashir Gemayel’s election as President of the Republic, MP Nadim Gemayel referred to Lebanon as “a Christian notion”.”Lebanon is a Christian notion, and each time others sought to dominate, following in the footsteps of divine states, we always chose Lebanon, and we were the majority while they were the minority,” said MP Nadim Gemayel on Saturday evening, while marking the 32nd commemoration of his late father, Bashir Gemayel’s election as President of the Lebanese Republic in 1982. In a ceremony held at the home of late Bashir Gemayel in Bikfaya, under the slogan “Republic knows no Fear,” Gemayel said that “what is needed today is bringing things back to normal, re-directing matters onto the right path of the nation; a state whose borders are determined and controlled; a homeland free of any illegal weapons, and a nation of human dignity and freedom, whose Head is honest, frank, transparent, and honors its Constitution and is a role model to each individual citizen
Gemayel went on to refer to “attempts to scare those working for the nation’s sake, trying to intimidate them and force them to give up their fight for the nation.” However, he stressed that “We, Bashir’s Republic of the sacred 10,452 Km, will always stay faithful believers in Lebanon,” vowing that “our project will never go backwards, for the notion of Lebanon has been a Christian concept in which we believed, starting from the idea of co-existence to building a free, sovereign and independent nation, and a multi-confessional state where one can live one’s faith, humanity and dignity in liberty and freedom,” Gemayel added. The ceremony, which was attended by several prominent figures, included a documentary highlighting the important milestones in the life of Martyr Bashir Gemayel; as well as excerpts from his statements after he was elected as Lebanese President, and his aspirations for Lebanon