Elias Bejjani/Holy Saturday: Hope in the face of despair, love in the face of hatred, and forgiveness in the face of hatred


Holy Saturday: Hope in the face of despair, love in the face of hatred, and forgiveness in the face of hatred
Elias Bejjani/March 30/2024

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On the sacred day of the Sabbath of Light, our hearts are drawn to a momentous occasion in the annals of humanity, when Jesus Christ emerged from His tomb, bathed in the radiance of divine resurrection, as the angel rolled away the stone from the entrance, illuminating the world with the triumphant glow of hope amidst darkness. This event stands as a testament to the ultimate victory of love over hatred, life over death, and light over the encompassing darkness.

As the women approached the tomb that fateful day, their hearts heavy with sorrow, they were met with the sight of an empty sepulcher. Their intent was to anoint the body of Jesus with fragrant spices, yet instead, they encountered a void. However, within that emptiness, they discovered an unwavering faith, a beacon of hope that transcended earthly disappointment. In the resurrection of Christ, we witness the eternal struggle against death conquered, and the glorious triumph of life. This is not merely a historical event but a living truth that permeates our existence each passing day.

In this profound narrative, hope becomes an indomitable flame within our souls, even amidst the darkest of trials. The resurrection of Christ signifies the abiding presence of God amidst our struggles, assuring us that goodness and luminosity will inevitably prevail over despair and obscurity. Thus, we are compelled to never succumb to despair, but rather to entrust ourselves to the unwavering providence of God, even in the face of adversity.

Let us rejoice in the resurrection of Christ with exultant hearts and grateful spirits, embracing our identity as children of light. May we steadfastly anticipate the boundless hope and rejuvenating life bestowed upon us by the grace of Christ, guiding our path through the ever-encroaching shadows of doubt and fear.

The author, Elias Bejjani, is a Lebanese expatriate activist
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