Elias Bejjani/Text and video: The Hezbollah terrorist organization once again perpetrated an attack on the town of Rmeish


Elias Bejjani/Text and video: The Hezbollah terrorist organization once again perpetrated an attack on the town of Rmeish
Elias Bejjani/March 26, 2024

Click here to read and listen to the Arabic version of this statement/اضغط هنا لقراءة وسماع البيان بالعربية

Today, social media platforms were flooded with reports of Hezbollah’s incursion into the border town of Rmeish, where armed members of this extremist group attempted to launch missiles towards Israel from residential areas (read related reports in Arabic & English below). However, the Rmeish civilian citizens courageously confronted these militants, compelling them to retreat after a tense standoff during which shots were fired into the air, endangering the lives of innocent bystanders. The tolling of church bells echoed throughout the town, underscoring the collective outrage at this brazen and provocative act.
This latest incident adds to a long list of aggressions perpetrated by Hezbollah against the people of Rmeish, including previous attacks by the so-called “Green Without Borders” organization, a Hezbollah affiliate entity.
It is imperative to unequivocally condemn and denounce such flagrant and unlawful violations.
Questions must be raised about the absence of the Lebanese army and UNIFIL forces, whose mandate includes safeguarding areas like Rmeish in accordance with UN Resolution 1701, which expressly prohibits Hezbollah’s presence and activities.
UNIFIL and the Lebanese Army are duty-bound to protect Rmeish and other areas covered by the UN resolution, and to prevent Hezbollah from committing further atrocities. Additionally, Patriarch Al-Rahi and the Vatican are urged to appoint a high-ranking church representative to reside in Rmeish, as a symbol of solidarity and support for its inhabitants.
It is abundantly clear that Hezbollah remains a pernicious force, undermining Lebanon’s sovereignty and perpetuating sectarian strife. Lebanon cannot reclaim its independence until UN resolutions, including the Armistice Accord, 1559, 1701, and 1680, are enforced through decisive military action.

Background Of The Incident
Hezbollah clashes with Rmeish residents over rocket launcher
Naharnet/March 26/2024
A clash erupted Tuesday between residents from the southern border town of Rmeish and a group belonging to Hezbollah that was readying to set up a multiple rocket launcher (MRL) within the town’s boundaries, residents said. According to the residents, a verbal clash broke out between young men from the municipality and a Hezbollah group after which the latter fired two shots in the air. “The young men then rang the church bell as the Hezbollah group withdrew from the area, amid tensions and gathering by young men in the town,” the reports said. Kataeb Party chief Sami Gemayel meanwhile commented on the incident by saying: “Full solidarity with our people in Rmeish.” Hezbollah had activated Lebanon’s southern front with Israel on October 8 in solidarity with the Palestinians and the Hamas Movement following the latter’s unprecedented attack on southern Israel and the brutal war that ensued. There have been near-daily clashes between Hezbollah and Israel ever since, resulting in the death of at least 326 people in Lebanon, most of them Hezbollah fighters but also 57 civilians. Tens of thousands of people have also been displaced by the violence in Lebanon’s south and Israel’s north.

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