Text and Video: Nasrallah’s Speech Today: Incoherent, Confusing, Disgusting, and Demeaning to the Intelligence of Lebanese and Arabs/Video is in Arabic


Text and Video: Nasrallah’s Speech Today: Incoherent, Confusing, Disgusting, and Demeaning to the Intelligence of Lebanese and Arabs/Video is in Arabic
Elias Bejjani/January 15/2024

الياس بجاني/نص وفيديو: إطلالة نصرالله اليوم: بابلية وغوبلزية ومقززة ومهينة لذكاء وعقول اللبنانيين والعرب

اضغط هنا لقراءة ومشاهدة فيديو (عربي) المقالة التي في أسفل باللغة العربية/Click here to watch the video & read the below piece in Arabic

Nasrallah’s speeches have become like reports of any media correspondent, including his dull and confused speech of today. Overall, his speeches are always trivial, superficial, and embarrassing with their populist and ideological discourse, filled with colossal lies that do not even deserve a comment other than the word “charlatan.”

This day dreaming storyteller and soldier in the army of the Iranian Supreme Leader, Weleat Al Fakeah (He openly boasts about it) deludes himself with claims of Israel’s losses, its failure, and defeat, celebrating false victories of his axis of evil and terrorism.

However, like any deceiver, Trojan, and hypocrite, he dares not mention the unprecedented losses of the Palestinians in Gaza, and the losses of the Lebanese, especially those inflicted by Israel on the young victims of his group’s recruits to fight for the expansionist and dictatorial Iranian jihadist schemes.

In actual reality, the number of young people announced by Hezbollah as killed in South Lebanon in the last 100 days exceeded 160, including senior leaders. Meanwhile, the Israeli army’s casualties in the Gaza war are fewer than this number. So, where are the delusional victories and triumphs that Nasrallah claims?
Nasrallah deludes himself, mourns his Jihadist fighters, and promotes a culture of death, martyrdom, and sacrifice while hiding in his hole. In contrast, Israeli leaders stroll and inspect their fronts and military around the clock.

It is worth noting that Nasrallah is the one who declared war on Israel, not the other way around, on October 8, 2023. He openly and proudly confirmed this atrocity, using sickening arrogance in all his rhetoric after the war started in Gaza, describing it as a “supporting war,” despite Lebanon and the Lebanese having no say in this war involvement. His terrorist group officially refuses to cease its involvement before the end of the war in Gaza.

As for the deaths in his party, they are absolutely not considered martyrs for Lebanon, even though they hold Lebanese citizenship. They fight in a jihadist war under the banner of Islamic resistance, defending Iran’s rulers, their fundamentalist and sectarian regime, and their anti-Lebanon and anti-Arab schemes, all against global peace..

In summary, Nasrallah’s speech today was babble and gobbledygook, meaning it was confusing and incomprehensible, containing nothing but lies, delusions, promoting for death, killing, hostility, and endless Jihadist wars.

Elias Bejjani
Canadian-Lebanese Human Rights activist, journalist and political commentator
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