Detailed LCCC English News Bulletin For May 11/2018


Detailed LCCC English News Bulletin For May 11/2018

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Titles For Latest LCCC Bulletin analysis & editorials from miscellaneous sources published on May 10-11/18
Ballots, bullets and elections in Lebanon/Makram Rabah/Al Arabiya/May 10/18
Israel attacks more than 50 Iranian targets in Syria after Iran targets Israeli bases/Yoav Zitun/Reuters//Ynetnews/May 10/18
Bahrain: Israel has ‘right’ to respond to Iran/Ynetnews/Agencies/May 10/18/
Golan Heights residents resume routine activities after tense night/Ahiya Raved/Ynetnews/May 10/18
Kahlon: We’ll do everything to kick Iranians out of Syria/Ynetnews/May 10/18
Lieberman says Israel hit ‘almost the entire Iranian infrastructure in Syria’/Itay Blumental/Ynetnews/May 10/18
Israel Launches Most Extensive Strike in Syria in Decades After Iranian Rocket Barrage/Amos Harel, Yaniv Kubovich, Jack Khoury, Amir Tibon and Noa Shpigel/Haretz/May 10/2018
Iran’s ‘First-ever’ Attack on Israel and Israel’s Most Extensive Syria Strike in Decades: What We Know and What Happens Next/Haaretz/May 10/18
A Blow to Assad: Israeli Strike Destroyed Five Syrian Anti-aircraft Batteries/Amos Harel/Haaretz/ May 10, 2018
The War With Iran is Just Getting Started/Yochanan Visser/Israel Today/May 10/18
Israel Destroys Iranian Bases in Syria: ‘You Bring Rain, We Will Bring a Flood’/
Israel Today Staff/Thursday, May 10/2018/
Iran’s Long Arm: Who Is the Elite Quds Force That Attacked Israel From Syria/
Yaniv Kubovich/Haaretz/May 10/18
Private Sector, Not Government, is Key to Job Creation/Michael Strain/Bloomberg/May 10/18
Is War an Alternative to the Deal/Abdulrahman Al-Rashed/Asharq Al Awsat/May 10/18
Withdrawal from the Deal Weakens Chances of War/Salman Al-dossary/Asharq Al Awsat/May 10/18
Americans are Dying for China in Afghanistan/Lawrence Sellin/Gatestone Institute/May 10/18 “Go to Hell!” Egypt Responds to French Call to Revise Koran/Raymond Ibrahim/PJ Media/May 10/18
How independent is Iraq’s electoral commission/Adnan Hussein/Al Arabiya/May 10/18
The uprising of Arab dignity/Sawsan Al Shaer/Al Arabiya/May 10/18

Titles For Latest LCCC Lebanese Related News published on May 10-11/18
Will Lebanon be Spared Israeli-Iranian Confrontation?
Lebanon facing risks ‘on all fronts’: Aoun
Hizbullah Posts Reportedly Hit in Israel’s Syria Raids
Lebanon Hit by Missiles Debris from Israel-Iran Syria Flare-Up
Aoun Urges Lebanese ‘Solidarity’ amid Tense Regional Situation
Bassil Seeks Name Change to ‘Foreign Affairs and Diaspora Ministry’
UK, U.S. Ambassadors Meet Gen. Aoun, Discuss Border Security Project
Shamsi, Bukhari Congratulate Geagea on ‘Win’ in Elections
Choueifat Incident: Wahhab Calls Jumblat as Suspect Flees to Syria
Nadim Gemayel Promises to Work for a Free and Sovereign Lebanon
Ballots, bullets and elections in Lebanon

Titles For Latest LCCC Bulletin For Miscellaneous Reports And News published on May 10-11/18
Trump Welcomes Freed Americans’ Return to US from North Korea
Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un will meet for their historic summit on 12 June, the President has confirmed.
Netanyahu says Iran crossed ‘red line’ with rocket fire
Israel blames Iran for firing rockets at the Golan from Syria
Russia: Israeli strikes used 28 planes, fired 70 missiles
U.S. Backs Israel ‘Right to Self-Defense’
Merkel Says Europe Can No Longer Rely on U.S. to ‘Protect’ It
US Treasury Issues New Sanctions Against Iran
US sanctions Iranians days after Trump withdraws from nuclear deal
Iran Divisions Widen after Trump’s Nuclear Deal Decision
Egypt: Sinai Terrorists Received Training in ISIS Camps in Syria
Asharq Al-Awsat in Syria’s Yarmouk Camp: Battles Bury Refugee Hopes of Returning Home
Iraqi Government Orders Closing of Airports, Borders to Secure Elections
Somali woman stoned to death by al-Shabab terrorists for ‘marrying 11 men’
Iraqi forces capture five top ISIS leaders in cross-border


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