Detailed LCCC English News Bulletin For October 13/16


Detailed LCCC English News Bulletin For October 13/16

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Titles For Latest LCCC Bulletin analysis & editorials from miscellaneous sources published on October 12-13/16
Christians Of Syria And Iraq Face ‘Cataclysmic Crisis’/Ruth Gledhill Christian Today Contributing Editor/12 October 2016
Christianity is Rattling: “Lights Out” in Germany/Giulio Meotti/Gatestone Institute/October 12/16
Missile Attacks on the USS Mason: Principles to Guide a U.S. Response
/Cmdr. Jeremy Vaughan, USN, Michael Eisenstadt, and Michael Knights/The Washington Institute/October 12/16
Why is Trump better than Clinton for Arabs/Mamdouh AlMuhaini/Al Arabiya/October 12/16
More than just recreation in Saudi Arabia/Abdulrahman al-Rashed/Al Arabiya/October 12/16
Will Putin’s luck run out sooner rather than later/Dr. Azeem Ibrahim/Al Arabiya/October 12/16
The decisive battle for the Syrian town of Dabiq/Halla Diyab/Al Arabiya/October 12/16
Were the Arabs Indigenous to Mandatory Palestine/Sheree Roth/Middle East Quarterly/October 12/16

Titles For Latest Lebanese Related News published on on October 12-13/16
Nasrallah: Saudi leadership pushing country to abyss

Nasrallah: Lashes Out at Saudi Arabia, Reiterates ‘Golden Equation’ of Army, People, Resistance
Report: Hariri’s Endeavors to End Deadlock Continue, Travels to Riyadh Overnight
Hariri to Nasrallah: Iran the Spearhead of Sabotage, We Won’t be Dragged to its Goals
Nasrallah: Lashes Out at Saudi Arabia, Reiterates ‘Golden Equation’ of Army, People, Resistance
Qobeissi: Dialogue Helps Lebanon Out of it Crises
Sitin by Arsal farmers during Cabinet session on Thursday
Three Syrians arrested in Hey Selom, suspected of belonging to terrorist organization
Hashem: National understandings the sole pathway out of our crisis

Titles For Latest LCCC Bulletin For Miscellaneous Reports And News published on on October 12-13/16
Montreal mayor signs quiet deal with the Islamic Republic of Iran
Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre travelled to Iran to sign an agreement of cooperation with the Mayor of Tehran in early October
Russian jets resume heavy bombing of eastern Aleppo
Pope begs for immediate ceasefire in Syria
AIPAC: Obama Administration Has Opened Door to Business With Iran’s Top Terrorist Group
Moscow Says British FM’s Syria Comments ‘Russophobic’
New Challenges in Syria as Militants Weaponized Drones
Russia Announces Syria Talks with U.S., Regional Powers Saturday
Top Military Brass among Those Killed in Yemen Funeral Strike
US tries to defuse Iraq-Turkey war of words over Mosul
Turkey to revive plans to strengthen Erdogan’s office, PM says
Turkey’s president tells Iraqi leader to ‘know his place’
Two French soldiers badly wounded by drone in Iraq
Russian, Egyptian troops to hold exercises at El-Alamein
Saudi king orders treatment of Yemen’s funeral attack victims
Saudi forces down missile fired by Yemen’s Houthis
Egypt-Saudi relations have long been strained on issues such as Syria and Yemen
U.S. weights response to missile attack by group backed by Iranian regime
Exclusive Interview with a Physician in Aleppo about the humanitarian crisis in the city
Iran: Whipping girl students for failing to pay donations!
A Female Prisoner Reveals the Terrible Crime of the Iranian Regim
The Flogged Students were threatened by agents of the Iran regime.
Amnesty International launches Urgent Action campaign to stop execution of young woman in Iran
Protests in solidarity with Justice-Seeking movement for the victims of 1988 massacre
Saudi Arabia urges UN Security Council to condemn Houthi terror
US ‘to retaliate’ attack on warships off Yemen coast
Palestinian shot dead by Israeli soldiers
US court to consider post-9/11 abusive detentions
Ban Ki-moon to address Dubai’s sustainability development meet

Links From Jihad Watch Site for on October 12-13/16
Montreal mayor signs quiet deal with the Islamic Republic of Iran
Norway: Muslim father rapes daughter as punishment for being too Western
French President Hollande says France has a problem with Islam
Pakistan: 150 Muslim clerics demand death for Asia Bibi, Christian woman accused of blasphemy
Kerry: Don’t call the Islamic State “the Islamic State,” call it “the world’s most evil terrorist group”
Australia: Two knife-wielding Muslims arrested, were carrying notes pledging allegiance to the Islamic State
Connecticut: Jordanian Muslim student ‘intentionally’ crashes plane near major defense contractor
Robert Spencer in FrontPage: Massive Flood of New Immigrants from Muslim Nations
Muslim arrested for threats at DC airport, causing disturbances in Boston — left Qur’an on steps of public building

Links From Christian Today Site for on October 12-13/16
Christians Of Syria And Iraq Face ‘Cataclysmic Crisis’
This Egyptian Christian Is Bringing Communities Together By Teaching The Bible With The Quran
Evangelical Anglicans Warn Bishops Of ‘Fundamental Disunity’ If Church Changes Teaching On Gay Relationships
Republicans In Chaos As Trump Slams ‘Disloyal’ Ryan, McCain
Inspirational Christian Missionary Shot By Bandits Returns To Congo For Last Time
Former Pope Angry That Germans Who Withdraw From Paying Church Tax Face Excommunication
Leaked Emails Reveal Top Clinton Aide Mocked Evangelicals And Catholics
Pastors Arrested And Churches Set For Demolition As Persecution Increases In Sudan

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