Elias Bejjani/All Petitions To Help Lebanon Shall Remain Futile as long as Hezbollah & its occupation are not their core & essence


نطالب بعدم توقيع أي استرحام  PETITION مهما كان هدفه أو محتواه ما لم يكن التركيز الأول والأخير فيه على احتلال حزب الله والقرارات الدولية الخاصة بلبنان

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All Petitions To Help Lebanon Shall Remain Futile as long as Hezbollah & its occupation are not their core & essence
Elias Bejjani/August 18/2021

All those Non Profit Organizations (NGO’S) inside occupied Lebanon, or in the Diaspora, are almost every week initiating and circulating petitions on Change.org, and calling Lebanese citizens to sign them, are actually and in reality not helping the Lebanese cause or the occupied Lebanon, even if their intentions are good and not evil. It is worth mentioning the Good intentions only do not Liberate Lebanon, as well as only food, medicine and all other humanitarian needs and supplies.

Why they are not helping with such futile and useless petitions, and most probably are harming, is because they are not focusing on the main cancer that is devouring Lebanon and its people, which is Hezbollah occupation .

All these petitions are not mentioning the occupier Hezbollah, and are not calling for the liberation of Lebanon from its occupation. They are only calling for food, electricity, medicines and other humanitarian domains.

This suspicious track of the NGO’S camouflaging petitions serves the Hezbollah occupation, and totally diverts the focus from its cancerous and devastating occupation.

Therefore, openly and loudly, we call on our Lebanese people, in both occupied Lebanon and the Diaspora, not to sign any petition that does not focus first and foremost on the occupation of Hezbollah, and on the UN Resolutions the Armistice accord with Israel, 1559, 1701, and 1680.

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