Elias Bejjani: Taef Agreement Is A problem, A trap And Not A Solution. Any International Conference For Lebanon Whose Sole Goal To implement This Agreement Is A Definite Recipe For Failure


Taef Agreement Is A problem, A trap And Not A Solution. Any International Conference For Lebanon Whose Sole Goal  To implement This Agreement Is A Definite Recipe For Failure
Elias Bejjani/November 06/2022

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The Taef Agreement that came into existence in 1989 during the bloody and Stalinist Syrian occupation era of Lebanon has been from day one extremely ambiguous, inapplicable, a trap and a malice recipe for ongoing governance crises.

This Agreement was not implemented, and will never, ever be, because its main purpose is division and not unity, or a stable formula of governance.

That is why a serious, genuine and fruitful review of this inapplicable agreement that has become an integrated part of the Lebanese constitution is a must by all Lebanese communities after the liberation of the country, and not while it is still under the Iranian terrorist Hezbollah’s occupation.

Therefore, any international conference for Lebanon whose sole goal is to implement the Taef Agreement is a national disaster, and a mere recipe for total failure.

In this context, it is a national, sovereign and moral duty and patriotic obligation for all free, sovereign and sincere Lebanese people, either in Lebanon or Diaspora, not to fall in the vicious trap of all those politicians, activists, parties and officials who are malevolently advocating for restricting and limiting the agenda of any International Conference for Lebanon on the heresy of the implementation of this tricky, ambiguous and self defeating Agreement.

Practically, all those leading this inconsistent, and wrong headed advocacy, are either blind to the Agreement’s incoherencies, or harboring anti-Lebanese agendas aimed at aborting the efforts aimed at liberating occupied Lebanon, and reclaiming its self determination, confiscated independence, sovereignty, freedoms and  free decision making process.

In conclusion, any international conference that is held for Lebanon must not be based on the implementation of the inapplicable Taef Agreement, but MUST aim on the full implementation of the UN Resolutions addressing Lebanon’s occupation and its National Security concerns, which are, the Armistice Agreement with Israel, 1559, 1701 and 1680.

In summary, once Lebanon is again an independent, free. sovereign and democratic country, and after all the UN resolutions are fully implemented, than and only than representatives of all Lebanese communities and under the auspices and umbrella of the UN shall meet under the UN umbrella to reach peacefully a new constitution and governing formula.

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