Hamas planned to assassinate Israeli FM Lieberman


Hamas planned to assassinate Israeli FM Lieberman
Yoav Zitun./Ynetnews /Published: 11.20.14/Israel News

Cleared for publication: Shin Bet, IDF stop Hamas terror unit that planned attacks against top Israeli officials, including Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman. A Hamas terrorist cell planned to assassinate Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, the IDF, Shin Bet and police said in a statement Thursday evening. According to the statement, the group, comprised of members of Hamas military wing from the Bethlehem area, planned to target top Israeli officials, including Lieberman, and even bought an RPG rocket launcher for the mission.

The statement claimed they plan to hit his car with the rocket. Ibrahim Salim Mahmoud al-Zir, 37, from the village of Harmela near Bethlehem, led the terror cell behind the mission. Al-Zir is known to Israeli security forces and has in the past served time for security offenses he conducted with Hamas. Al-Zir planned the attack during Operation Protective Edge in order to send a message to Israel to stop its war in Gaza.

Al-Zir recruited his brother, Ziad Salim Mahmoud al-Zir, 35, and fellow Hamas operative Adnan Amin Mahmoud al-Zir, 31, to join his terror cell, both released prisoners from Ramallah. In their interrogation, both Adnan and Ziad admitted to have been recruited to the cell and to have agreed to aid in executing the attack. Al-Zir also turned to another prominent Hamas military operative, Yusef Ibrahim Yusef al-Sheikh, 50, who previously aided Hamas’ leader in Bethlehem Ali Alaan (who was involved in a suicide bombing and killed by IDF troops). Ibrahim asked al-Sheikh to help him procure an RPG rocket launcher for the attack. Investigation by Israeli security forces found that the members of the terror cell gathered intelligence on the movements of the foreign minister’s convoy.

As the only senior minister who lives in the West Bank (in the Gush Etzion settlement Nokdim), Lieberman is a potentially easy target for the terror cell. The foreign minister lives near Bethlehem and the cell could easily observe his convoy driving on Highway 60 from his house to Jerusalem. The road is also exposed to potential fire from the Palestinian houses on the hill near Bethlehem and from other vantage points in the area. The members of the cell have been indicted for conspiring to premeditated manslaughter and conspiring to trade in arms at the Judea Military Court.

Following the interrogation of the cell members, Israeli security forces uncovered and foiled another Hamas plan to commit additional shootings and vehicular attacks against settlers and IDF troops in Gush Etzion.