Elias Bejjani/Video-Text: Resolutions For the new year of 2024


Video-Text: Resolutions For the new year of 2024
Elias Bejjani/January 01/2024

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How healthy and fruitful would it be if each and every one of us is fully ready to welcome the new year of 2024 with a clear conscience and a joyful reconciliation with himself/herself, as well and with all others, especially those who are the beloved ones, e.g, parents, family members, friends, etc.

How self gratifying would be for any faithful and wise person to enter the new year of 2024 and he/she is completely free from all past heavy and worrying loads of hostility, hatred, enmities, grudges, strives and jealousy.

And because our life is very short on this mortal-perishable earthly world.

And due to the fact that, Our Heavenly Father, Almighty God may at any moment take back His Gift of life from any one of us.

Because of all these solid facts and realities, we are ought to leave behind all the 2023 hardships, pains and disappointments with no regrets at all.

We are ought to happily welcome and enter the 2024 new year with a totally empty page of our lives….ready for a new start.

Hopefully, every wise, loving, caring and faithful person would feel better in striving to begin this new year of 2024with love, forgiveness, faith, hope, extended hands, open heart, and self-confidence.

I wish every one a Happy, Happy new Year that hopefully will carry with it all that is love, forgiveness, faith, hope, extended hands, open hearts, and self-confidence.

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