Elias Bejjani/Peter Kassing’s Traumatic Death & Ingratitude


Peter Kassing’s Traumatic Death & Ingratitude
Elias Bejjani
November 17/14

What distinguishes human beings that God created in his image and likeness from other creatures, mainly the animals, are the gracious Godly graces and gifts of sensations, emotions, feelings, intellectual capabilities, the ability to communicate with others, reason, logic, and the distinction between good and evil. Sadly when human beings for any reason lose these graces and gifts or abandon them voluntarily they descend to the level of  animal, and lose their humanity, and become entirely no longer human beings.
In this context all those in some Arabic and African countries who call themselves Jihadists and fundamentalists, being countries, organizations, individuals or groups who are savagely committing bloody, brutal and barbaric atrocities are not human beings, but animals based on all human, scientific, religious and ethical standards.
In the realm of love, empathy, and humanity, Peter Kassig, the young Samaritan American citizen was emotionally touched by the on going tragic suffering and agony of the Syrian people at the hands of the criminal President Bashar al-Assad dictatorship regime,and the brutal Jihadi organizations. Peter motivated by his human passion left his country the USA, family, friends, job and the peaceful -secure life and headed to Syria through Lebanon. As an aid worker Peter endeavored to give a hand to the needed Syrian oppressed people.
What was Peter’s reward from those who falsely allege to protect the Syrian people? and how did they portray their gratitude? He was taken by them a hostage and then mercilessly slaughtered and beheaded!!
In reality and actuality, condemning and deploring statements are not any more effective or fruitful due to fact that those so called Jihadi criminals that the statements target are entirely void of any human feelings or traits and completely detached from all that is humanity, faith, fear of God and conscience.
We call on all free world nations, especially the USA, as well as on the Islamic countries, clergy, media, and intellectuals to deal urgently and seriously with this world-wide monstrous and cancerous dilemma.
All Those countries, individuals, groups, institutions and organizations who practice the bloody atrocities or finance, adopt or advocate for them must be made accountable for their acts.World-Wide, All capabilities, means and resources should be utilized to totally eradicate all sorts of terrorism from all countries especially from numerous unfortunate Arabic and African countries.
We offer our deeply felt condolences for Peter’s family and friends praying that Almighty God shall shower on them abundantly all graces of endurance, forgiveness, hope and patience.
We pray that the soul of Peter is peacefully and eternally resting in Paradise where there is no anguish or pain, but happiness and joy.
May Al Mighty God Bless Peter’s Soul and all the souls of the Terrorism victims all over the world.

Elias Bejjani
Canadian-Lebanese Human Rights activist, journalist and political commentator
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Parents of US aid worker, Peter Kassig slain by Islamic State say they’re ‘heartbroken’ but proud of him
The Canadian Press/By Rick Callahan, The Associated Press 17/11/14
INDIANAPOLIS – The parents of an American aid worker captured last year while delivering relief supplies to refugees in Syria said Sunday they are “heartbroken” by his death at the hands of Islamic State militants but “incredibly proud” of his compassion and humanitarian work. Ed and Paula Kassig of Indianapolis said in a statement that their 26-year-old son, Peter Kassig, “lost his life as a result of his love for the Syrian people and his desire to ease their suffering.” “We will work every day to keep his legacy alive as best we can,” they said.  Kassig was captured last year in eastern Syria while delivering relief supplies to refugees of Syria’s civil war. The Indianapolis man, a former U.S. Army Ranger who founded a relief organization, converted to Islam while in captivity and took the first name Abdul-Rahman. The White House confirmed Kassig’s death Sunday after the Islamic State group released a video showing that Kassig had been beheaded. The video also showed the beheadings of about a dozen men identified as Syrian military officers and pilots.
President Barack Obama called Kassig’s killing “an act of pure evil” and said the Islamic State group “revels in the slaughter of innocents, including Muslims, and is bent only on sowing death and destruction. The Kassigs said in their statement that their hearts also go “out to the families of the Syrians who lost their lives, along with our son.” They said they also grieve “for the families of the other captives who did not make it home safely.”The Kassigs learned of their son’s capture last year, but did not disclose his captivity while family and friends quietly worked to secure his release. In October, their son appeared in another video released by the Islamic State group that showed the beheading of a fellow aid worker, Britain’s Alan Henning. The militants vowed that Kassig would be next, leading his parents to plead publicly for mercy while stressing his humanitarian work and conversion to Islam.  Kassig first went to the Middle East with the U.S. Army, which he joined in 2006, according to his military records. He ultimately served in the 75th Ranger Regiment, a special operations unit, and served in Iraq from April until July 2007 before being medically discharged as a private first class that September.
His desire to perform aid work in the region was kindled during a March 2012 spring break trip to Beirut while he was studying political science at Butler University. Kassig, a certified emergency medical technician, left school and returned two months later to Lebanon, where he worked as a medical assistant and humanitarian worker and treated people from all sides of the conflict in neighbouring Syria. In September 2012, he founded Special Emergency Response and Assistance, or SERA, which suspended its relief work after his capture. Kassig, who grew up in an Indianapolis family with a long history of humanitarian work and teaching, said during a January 2013 interview with Time magazine that he travelled heavily throughout Lebanon to assess the needs of people there. SERA, he said, focused on supplementing the work of larger organizations by delivering aid that could “do the most good for the most people over the longest period of time possible.”  Kassig’s friends and family say he understood the risks of working in the region, but he felt called to help.
Burhan Agha, a 26-year-old Syrian, worked with Kassig in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli, delivering aid to Syrian refugees before Kassig moved his operations to southern Turkey. Speaking by phone from Switzerland, where he is seeking asylum, Agha described his friend’s purported killing as senseless.  “If I could apologize to each American, one by one, I would,” Agha said while weeping. “Because Peter died in Syria, while he was helping the Syrian people. And those who killed him claimed to have done it in the name of Islam. I am a Muslim, and from Syria, and he is considered a part of the Syrian revolution.”**Associated Press writer by Diaa Hadid in Beirut contributed to this report.

بيتر كسنيك خيراً فعل وشراً لقي
اليأس بجاني
17 تشرين الثاني/14
إن ما يفرق الإنسان الذي خلقه الله على صورته ومثاله عن الحيوان هي عطايا الأحاسيس والمشاعر المجبولة بالعاطفة والحب ومعها نعمتي النطق والعقل أي القدرة على التواصل مع الآخرين وفهم الأمور بمنطق والتمييز بين الخير والشر، وعندما يفقد الإنسان هذه المكونات والعطايا الإلهية لأي سبب من الأسباب، أو يتخلى عنها بكامل إرادته، فهو ينحدر إلى مستوى الحيوان، ويفقد إنسانيته، وتنتفي عنه كلياً الصفة الإنسانية.
من هنا فإن كل الإرتكابات والفظائع الدموية والوحشية والبربرية التي تمارسها منظمات التكفير والأصولية في بعض الدول العربية والأفريقية هي غير إنسانية وحيوانية طبقاً لكل المعايير العلمية والدينية والأخلاقية.
بيتر كاسيتك المواطن الأميركي الشاب ابن إل 26 عاماً تأثر جداً كإنسان صاحب قلب وعقل وأحاسيس بالوضع المأساوي الذي يعاني منه الشعب السوري على أيدي عصابات حكم الرئيس بشار الأسد ومنظمات الكفر والقتل فدفعته إنسانيته وعواطفه إلى الذهاب إلى لبنان ومنه إلى سوريا لمساعدة أفراد الشعب السوري المعذب متخلياً عن الحياة الأميركية الرغيدة ومبتعداً عن أهله ومحيطه.
فماذا كانت مكافأته من الذين يدعون حماية الشعب السوري والعمل على تحريره؟ كانت للأسف اعتقاله وهو يقوم بنقل المساعدات الإنسانية ومن ثم ذبحه!!
باختصار، لم تعد عبارات الاستنكار تجدي أو تفيد وقد بات مطلوباً اليوم وليس غداً من الدول الحرة في العالم وفي مقدمها الولايات المتحدة وأيضاً من كل الدول الإسلامية أن تعمل بجدية وثبات وبكل ما تمتلك من وسائل وأدوات وتقنيات على اقتلاع العصابات التكفيرية هذه من جذورها وتخليص العالم من سرطانها، وفي نفس الوقت إنزال أشد العقوبات على كل من يمول ويحتضن هذه الجماعات ويسوّق لها أكانوا دولاً أو أفراداً، وهؤلاء جميعاً يعرفهم العالم جيداً ولكنه حتى الآن يتغاضى عنهم.
نتقدم من عائلة بيتر كسينك بأحر التعازي القلبية ونطلب لهم من الله نعم الصبر والإيمان والرجاء، ولنفس الضحية البريئة نطلب الرحمة والراحة الأبدية في جنة الخلد إلى جانب البررة والقديسين حيث لا وجع ولا عذاب ولا كراهية ولا غيرة، بل سلام وفرح دائمين.

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