Elias Bejjani/Open Letter To Ambassador Gilbert Chagoury


Open Letter To Ambassador Gilbert Chagoury
Elias Bejjani
November 11/14

Mr. Chagoury, Apparently you are one of the most rich and highly respected Lebanese Christian Maronites in Africa. God Bless, genuinely we are very happy for you, and at the same time very proud as Lebanese Maronite activists of your great business achievements.

Meanwhile, we learned after researching your activities on the net, that you are a very successful and well respected figure in numerous domains besides business. In this respect we are again very pleased and extremely flattered that a fellow Lebanese Maronite is doing so good in Diaspora and at the same time providing well paid and secure jobs for many Lebanese families who are unable to find work opportunities in the Iranian occupied and oppressed mother land, Lebanon. All what we can say, is God Bless and He may shower on you more and more of his gracious graces.

But sadly, your name, riches and questionable political agenda were media wise widely linked in last September/14, to the extremely controversial Christian and deplored US IDC Conference (DEFENSE OF CHRISTIANS).

As we comprehended from the interview that LBC, Journalist, Marcel Kaniem conducted with you during the conference, that you personally financially carried the mere conference’s expenses from A to Z with an estimated 3-5 million US dollars as many media facilities reported. With no doubt that was very generous of you.

As you well know by now, the conference turned to be a notorious mouthpiece for the Syrian butcher and dictator President Bachar Al Assad and the Iranian Mullahs’ terrorist regime. In this context His Beatitude Patriarch Laham was vey open,, loud, proud, adamant and stubborn in his Assad’s advocacy even in the White House. There is no need to list the countless damages that the conference has inflicted on us the Maronites and on all the Christians in the Middle East in numerous domains.

Definitely you will ask yourself what  is the aim of this open letter and we personally never met and do not know each other?
Sir, we learned during the last few days that on November 15/14 The Northern Ohio Lebanese American Association will host you as their 2014 Heritage Ball featuring IDC’s Honorary Chairman, and that the theme of the event will be “Protecting and Preserving Christianity, Where it All Began.” .

God Bless you again and Bless all those who are concerned about the Christians’ fate in the Middle East.

From the depth of our hearts we wish that all your endeavors shall be successful and victorious, but would like to remind you of the following solid and well known and documented facts:

1- The Syrian Baathiest Regime and its head, the butcher President Bachar Al Assad are not by any means protecting Syrian or Lebanese Christians, but on the contrary he and his bloody regime are brutally massacring them as well as all other Syrian and Lebanese people from all religions and denomination.

2- Iran, The denominational, fundamental and terrorist Mullahs’ regime fully occupies our beloved Lebanon and is working around the clock since 1982 through its occupational army, the terrorist armed Hezbollah via intimidation, petro dollar, murder, terrorism, and all kinds of covert and overt evil schemes to destroy Lebanon’s entity as a distinguishable identity, model for common living, freedoms, democracy and multi culturalism. The Lebanese Christians and Maronites in particular are the main target of Iran and its proxy, Hezbollah.

3- ISIS, Nusra, Fateh El Eslam, and all the so called Sunni Jihadist organizations were found, adopted, financed, armed and cultivated by both Syrian and Iranian regimes.

In conclusion, we, as Diaspora Maronite activists are very proud of a fellow rich and well respected Maronite Diaspora figure like you, and sincerely hope that your advocacy, support, endorsement, and connections be righteously and wisely utilizes to help the Christian presence and fate in Lebanon and the rest of the Middle East countries while fully aware who are the Christians’, civilization, freedom and democracy enemies are, corrupted politicians countries and organization.
Yours Truly
Elias Bejjani