How Hezbollah indoctrinates preschoolers to embrace ‘resistance’ against Israel


 How Hezbollah indoctrinates preschoolers to embrace ‘resistance’ against Israel
Lebanese journalist Khaled Alameddine posted images of Mahdi magazine, a children’s workbook issued by the Shi’ite terrorist organization. Hezbollah, the Shi’ite terrorist organization in Lebanon, wastes little time in raising the next generation of jihadists determined to fight Israel.A Lebanese journalism student posted an item on his blog which features a children’s magazine geared toward preschoolers who are taught the merits of “resistance” and “martyrdom.”

Mahdi Magazine is a monthly magazine issued by Hezbollah’s youth scout movement, which also bears the name “Mahdi.” (According to Shi’ite Islamic doctrine, the Mahdi is the redeemer of Islam who will rule for up to 19 years before the coming of the Day of Judgment, after which he will rid the world of evil.) The magazine features colorful illustrations, rhymes, poems, and written exercises interspersed with military terminology, battle lore from Hezbollah’s wars fought with Israel, and short stories honoring fallen Hezbollah fighters. The cover features a large birthday cake sitting atop a school bus, all under the heading “I resist.”The magazine also includes an instruction guide for parents designed to aid them in indoctrinating “the idea of resistance.

”Children leafing through the magazine are also taught that “the reason behind your nationalism should be the love of the resistance.”Perhaps most disturbing of all is the military imagery used in the magazine, where one can see illustrations and drawings of children dressed in military uniform while sitting on a tank. There is also the “grenade and assault rifle pattern exercise” as well as one inventive game known as “help the bunny cross the minefield.” Children are also given a coloring exercise which involves filling in the illustration of a Hezbollah terrorist as he is praying near the battlefront, an assault rifle just a few feet away.
The contents of the magazine was posted by a Lebanese journalist, Khaled Alameddine.