Elias Bejjani/Enlightening interview With Musbah Al Ahdab that addresses Tripoli’s Mini Wars


Enlightening interview With Musbah Al Ahdab that addresses Tripoli’s Mini Wars
By: Elias Bejjani
October 27/14

What is going on in the Northern Lebanese City of Tripoli, and why twenty one actual and fatal mini wars took place during the last few years, and why all cease fire accords and security planes did not work ?

The answer is very simple: because the Syrian-Iranian-Hezbollah’s infiltrators, local mercenaries, Trojans and the majority of the city’s corrupted politicians and radicalized Jihadist clergymen are instigating and working around the clock for sectarian strives in a bid to serve their own political and denominational non Lebanese agendas.

Up till today 21 mini war rounds were inflicted on Tripoli and on its people though which 400 of its citizens were killed among them many children, and yet none of the killers from all the militant factions were arrested and put on trial.

Mean while more than 50 Lebanese soldiers were also victims of these absurd mini wars and in the same context hundred of citizens were injured many of them physically crippled and disabled, and yet no compensations for the victims’ families or to the disabled were observed.
The same compensation blind eye approach applies for the destruction that hit the citizens’ residents and businesses.
Who is behind this on going bloody tragedy, and whose agenda it serves?

All patriotic Lebanese are fully aware of the answer which is: The local and regional axis of evil: Syrian regime, Iranian Mullahs and the terrorist Hezbollah run the show and orchestrate the Tripoli mini fatal wars.
The ongoing mini war that started four days ago falls into the scheme.

Tripoli’s Ex MP and prominent patriotic Politician, Mr. Musbah Al Ahdab was interviews yesterday by the MTV station. In his interview he addressed openly the Tripoli on going mini wars as he sees and lives it. Below are the link for his interview.
In our own opinion the interview was excellent by all political, ethical, and patriotic standards. Mr. Ahdab addressed loudly and courageously all Tripoli’s on going dilemmas and hardships with knowledge, patriotism and noticeable bravery.

Yes, as he cried loud, Hezbollah is orchestrating the bloody game and from behind the scene viciously endeavoring to use the Lebanese army to fight the Axis Of evil battles after its devastating loses in Al Kalamoun and Al Qosair battlefields.
And yes 100% Mr. Ahdab is uttering the truth, All the patriotic Lebanese from all denominations are all behind the army, but this army heroic must and should be free and totally rescued from Hezbollah’s hegemony.

The Decision making process of the army leadership has to be freed from Hezbollah’s terrorism and intimidation.
In conclusion, The main fatal disease in oppressed and impoverished Tripoli and all over Lebanon is the cancerous Hezbollah and its Persian-Syrian occupation of Lebanon. Every other problem, hardship and dilemma no matter what, including the current bloody chaos in Tripoli are mere and only mere symptoms for this cancerous disease.

Thank you Mr. Ahdab for witnessing for the truth and for advocating for Lebanon’s right to be free from the Persian-Syrian-Hezbollah’s Stalinist occupation.

The Audio Links for the interview with an introduction for the writer, Elias Bejjjani are below

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