Elias Bejjani/Hezbollah is an Iranian Military Contingent Stationed in Lebanon


Hezbollah is an Iranian Military Contingent Stationed in Lebanon
By: Elias Bejjani

October 22/10

Numerous reports and analyses were published in many media facilities after Hezbollah, the terrorist Shiite Iranian military proxy, boldly claimed responsibility for planting a bomb that wounded two Israeli soldiers on the south Lebanese-Israeli border on Tuesday October 09, 2014. This was two days after a Lebanese soldier was wounded by Israeli fire in the area. Most of these reports and analyses dwelled superficially on the assumed aims of the attack which is the first since the devastating 2006 Israel-Hezbollah war in 2006. Due to an apparent lack of information about Hezbollah, the majority of those who reported the event fell for the Iranian-Hezbollah-camouflaged media propaganda and ignored very crucial facts.

The fact that was shadowed in all the published material is that Hezbollah is made up of a bunch of mercenaries hired by the Mullahs of Iran. And this fact means that it is not, by any standards or criteria, an independent or indigenous organization. It is not a Lebanese or Arabic entity of resistance by any means. Accordingly, the terrorist operation was a hundred percent an Iranian military message to Israel and the USA. It was delivered by Hezbollah from Lebanon solely for mere Iranian purposes, and not for any reasons whatsoever that might serve Lebanon’s interests.

One analysis attributed Hezbollah’s terrorist operation to the very recent unexplained attack at Iran’s Parchin military compound. This compound has been linked by Western intelligence to nuclear missile fuse trials. And, according to a report by the Israel Defense Forces website, Western and Israeli satellite images showed massive damage to the compound resulting from the attack.

To comprehend Hezbollah, its background, organizations and dynamics, when analyzing its terrorist acts either in Lebanon or any other country, the following facts need to be presented.

*Hezbollah has occupied Lebanon since 2005, when the Syrian occupation came to an end. Since then Hezbollah has asserted total control over Lebanon’s decision-making processes at all levels of society through the use of military force, violent sectarianism, large-scale bribery, crime syndicates, targeted assassinations, Islamist ideology, and terrorist attacks. In this realm of occupation Hezbollah either controls or paralyzes all the Lebanese governmental institutions including the parliament, cabinet, army, intelligence, police, judiciary, and media to mention a few.

*During the era of its thirty-year occupation, Syria mercilessly dissected Lebanon. Syria divided its multicultural communities, killed or imprisoned or exiled all its patriotic leaders who opposed Syrian hegemony. At the same time, Syria’s secret intelligence services armed the thirteen Palestinian refugee camps and made them into outlaw-Mafiosi mini-states. Since 1982 Hezbollah has been systematically devouring the state of Lebanon. This has been done by destroying her military, judicial, economic, and legislative institutions. All the while Hezbollah continues to solidify its terrorist infrastructure and Iranian-modeled institutions within its scattered cantons within Lebanon.

*In conjunction with the Iranian mullahs, Syria erected Hezbollah’s mini-state and armed its militia with a huge and deadly arsenal. This arsenal is now not only a threat to the Lebanese, but also to all the Arab and Middle East countries.

*Hezbollah’s 70,000 thousand armed mujahedeen took over Lebanon after Syria was forced to withdraw her army in 2005, while thousands of Syrian secret intelligence service agents remained free and active all over Lebanon. Meanwhile, Syria left intact four military bases under the camouflaged pretext of Palestinian resistance. One of them, the Al Naemi base, is a few kilometers from Beirut international Airport.

*Thousands and thousands of Hezbollah’s mujahedeen fighters are physically, psychologically, socially and religiously trained by Iran. They are turned into Iranian mujahedin that are alien to Lebanon, Arab countries and the free world.

*Hezbollah from day one was a creation of Iran since its creation in 1982. Since that time, it has been a serious and deadly threat to all of the civilized and free countries of the world. As such, it is not merely a Lebanese problem, but a grave threat and challenge to global peace, stability and democracy. Hezbollah’s essential spiritual, cultural and political foundations are totally derived from the Iranian mullah’s doctrine of “Wilayat Al-Faqih”.

*The main pillar of this doctrine is zero tolerance for all others who are of different faiths and creeds who do not fully submit to their control. It is a blatant rejection of civil, democratic and free societies. A systematic, tireless effort to export the “Wilayat Al-Faqih” and impose it on the whole world through “Jihad” or holy war is at the heart of this doctrine. Within this blackened heart contains a deeply rooted hatred for Western democracies and cultures. Its deepest enmity and hostility is toward the US and Israel, for whom Hezbollah has a suicidal mentality. One of Hezbollah’s prime aims is to destroy Israel and ‘liberate’ the Holy City of Jerusalem.

*Hezbollah’s fighters, including its leadership under General Secretary Hassan Nasrallah, have no respect for human dignity, human rights, democracy, freedom, rule of law or even freedom of conscience. Nothing in their thinking and minds is Lebanese or even human at all because of their extensive training by the Iranian theocracy. They are all entrapped psychologically in a very sickening mentality that sees no one, respects no one and recognizes no one but the Iranian mullahs’ leadership.

*Hezbollah’s leadership and its mujahedeen are totally entrapped in their own world of Iranian religious fantasies and dogmas. Accordingly, the criteria and standards of what is right and wrong to which they abide are totally set up and shaped by the Iranian mullahs. These anti-democratic and oppressive dogmas are continuously manipulated by the Iranian mullahs to suit their dream of reviving the Persian Empire.

*Due to radical Islamic indoctrination by the Iranian regime, Hezbollah’s leadership is unpredictable and cannot be trusted by any means. They are blood merchants and sadly their merchandise is the people of Lebanon, including their own community members. They do not care who starves or even who dies. They have no actual or permanent allies or friends, only hired followers and mercenaries who have been bought with the Iranian petrodollar.

*Hezbollah is an Iranian-built militant organization at every level. Its mission, terrorist activities, and objectives on behalf of Iran have become crystal clear to the Lebanese people. And not only to the Lebanese people suffering on a daily basis from their oppression, but also to the majority of the Arab states and Western countries. Also, their illicit fundraising activities extend to many European, African and South American countries.

*Hezbollah is an Iranian militant brigade, a division of Iran’s notorious Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC).

*According to dozens of well-documented reports, Hezbollah runs a vast, well-organized, and extremely sophisticated global crime network. Its activities include drug trafficking, arms trafficking, and terrorist financiering. Hezbollah has infiltrated many Arab states, Israel, Mexico, Canada, Australia, the United States, Europe, South America and numerous Islamic states of the former USSR.

*Many respected think tanks worldwide have concluded that Hezbollah is the most dangerous terrorist militia in the world, more lethal than even terrorists groups such Al Qaeda or ISIS. In its 2008 State Department Report, the US government labeled Hezbollah “the world’s most effective terrorist organization”.

In conclusion, Hezbollah is far more dangerous than either Al Qaeda or ISIS. This well-armed well-equipped and well-trained militia is a proxy of the Iranian Army. It occupies Lebanon and acts as the tip of the spear for Iranian expansionism and terrorism agenda in all Arab countries.

Elias Bejjani
Human Rights activist, journalist & political commentator.
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Elias Bejjani/October 28/14
Below is an angry response to the above piece  as I got it via my email today and also my reply.

Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2014 13:52:37 +0200

Subject: Re: FW: [Phoenicia] Hezbollah is an Iranian Military Contingent Stationed in Lebanon

From: zeljorr@gmail.com

To: Phoenicia@yahoogroups.com; phoenicia@hotmail.com; media.lccc@gmail.com

CC: elliott@inco.com.lb; sandslilyk@gmail.com

Mr. Bejjani,

Having read this article, I can safely say that you are a vehement fan of Israel. For that, you bring the word Lebanese to shame. I hope you decide to let go of your Lebanese passport. After all, the Canadian one gives you access to visit your friends.

I don’t know what to say in reply to such accurate and intensive research! But let me give it a shot.
Hezbollah is not a terrorist Shiite Iranian military proxy. It is a heroic Shiite Lebanese resistance supported by a constantly growing number of Lebanese people from all factions and backgrounds. People who, unlike yourself, feel proud that there are Lebanese citizens who have the courage to stand up against a violating oppressing state that has no right to exist. A state that has no scruples about stealing people’s homes, land, water, dreams, children, and lives. A state that was once created by, and continues to be endorsed by dishonorable traitors.

I would like to understand what your point is: do you feel sorry for the two poor Israeli soldiers that were wounded by that bomb? I would suggest you fill your soft heart with more sorrow by watching footage of your Israeli heroes crying like babies in 2006, during those 33 days of heroism where tiny little Lebanon fought and vanquished what was thought to be the strongest army in the world. And for that we Lebanese feel proud, and you, I’m sure, feel ashamed. That shame denies you the right to carry your Lebanese passport, let alone to speak in the name of Lebanon, in Canada or elsewhere. And that Lebanese soldier who was wounded two days before by Israeli fire, he probably deserved it, right?

So you think there is lack of information about Hezbollah? You’re right! But the misinformation is all on your part. Hezbollah is not made up of a bunch of mercenaries. They are all Lebanese and they are defending their land. Mercenaries would have given up a long time ago, not died for a land we all call our own. So please tell me what is it that you think would serve Lebanon’s interests? To bow our heads in servitude to your beloved Israel and USA? And if you think that constantly repeating the word “terrorist” each time you mention Hezbollah would brainwash your readers into believing you, then you must believe that your readers are weak of mind. On this point I must agree. Anyone who reads you more than once must have issues.

You are right on a few points, but you would be more credible had you not manipulated each one to your sleazy end. Syria did occupy Lebanon and did all the things you said it did, including the Palestinian refugee camp thing. Hell, it was Evil incarnate! Hezbollah on the other hand, never did, and never will. One would imagine that a Human Rights activist such as yourself, would understand the humongous difference between a terrorist and a freedom fighter.
Do you know contemporary Lebanese history? By reading you I’d assume you don’t. So here’s a quick overview:

When Hezbollah was created back in 1982, as a result of the Israeli invasion, it couldn’t possibly devour the state of Lebanon: there was a war back then (you can ask anyone, there really was!) and the country was divided upon itself. It wasn’t possible for anyone to occupy more than their own region. Do you need examples? Then, after 1990, guess who turned Lebanon into their own private enterprise? Nope, not Hezbollah, but rather Rafic Hariri and his 40 thieves, the same man applauded by your “civilized” world, that world who handed Lebanon on a silver plate to the Syrian occupation we both hate so much. Then the poor thing was killed in 2005, but fear not: he had a very charismatic heir who took over, and his 40 thieves had learned the lesson well, as you have, no doubt. They were, and continue to be, largely if not totally, the decision makers, backed by my “Iran” and your civilized Arabs: the great Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Do we have to go thru every instance where the government and parliament had to be, and hear me well, democratically paralyzed so that Lebanon does not get handed on a silver plate, yet again, to another state this time, maybe even Israel? I don’t think so, it’s all in the papers and you seem big on research. Do your homework.

It is true that Syria backed and continues to back Hezbollah, but are we talking fairy tales or is this the real world? How would any resistance be able to exist and grow if it isn’t backed by somebody? In this case, both Syria and Iran. You might hate them both, other people hate other states. Do you believe that the ultimate angel state exists? Your friends are somebody else’s Axis of Evil, remember that.

So you and yours conscientiously wash your hands of the destruction of our beloved Lebanese Army? How about the fact that it was destroyed, and continues to be weakened to one end, and one end only: so it cannot be a force to be reckoned with in the face of our ultimate enemy, Israel. Did that fact not cross your mind? Maybe this will help: what arms have been given by the “civilized” world to our army? field jackets and shoes and goggles? Or maybe the few Gazelles stripped of their missile launchers? Or the generous 4 billion dollar donations from KSA thru France of which we have received… hmm, nothing? Oh wait, I know! They’re all scared that real arms would fall in the hands of Hezbollah! More B.S… Then there’s that deadly arsenal. We, the people of Lebanon know fully well that it represents no threat whatsoever to us. The threat is to Israel, and we have no qualms about that. As for the Arab countries, now that’s a whole different story of shame that I wont get into right now.

I’d like to open a bracket here. If by “civilized” you mean countries that constantly work their citizens into machines and brainwash them into categorizing groups based on how they fit into the bigger picture of money, power, and the interests of those in power, then I’ll give you that. I, on the other hand, would use a different word. And then you use the word “free world”, and send me into a fit of laughter.

See, those cantons you’re talking about, my mother’s native village happens to fall smack in the middle of one of them, all the way South in Ain Ebl. And let me tell you, to your great surprise no doubt, that not one individual was ever so much as bothered by the Hezb, or one single member thereof. Oh! And brace yourself: It’s a Christian village!!!

Yes Iran trains Hezbollah’s freedom fighters, yes they do pledge a big loyalty to Iran, (same as Sunnis do to Saudi Arabia, and Christians to the West. But that’s due to Lebanon’s most basic structure), and yes we are all aware that Iran has it’s own agenda in Lebanon, but give me ONE power in the world that doesn’t. So far, we have tried everybody else, and let me tell you, it wasn’t pretty.

What global peace, stability and democracy are you talking about? See, this is why I scoff at your use of the words civilized and free world. With that, I have yet to witness one major global incident UNRELATED to Israel in which Hezbollah was remotely linked with. And for the ones related to Israel, need I repeat that the oppressed have every right to fight their oppressor?

As for Wilayat Al-Faqih, are you just parroting the same silly monster everybody uses to scare people into labeling Hezbollah terrorist or have you actually read it? Because it doesn’t scare me so much, not like all other doctrines (including Uncle Sam’s) do. Hezbollah might be fanatics (to their faith), but they’re not extremists (against others). Extremism comes from the opposite side. And current events are proving it. So what I see here is plain and simple defense of Israel. And if that’s the case, this whole reply is pointless. If it’s not, do you not believe that Jerusalem is occupied?

If I have ever seen respect for human dignity and honor, it is in Hassan Nasrallah and his followers. No one is more highly regarded then their fallen heroes. Other groups hide their “martyrs” for political reasons, they bow to theirs. Ask all the unsuspecting western tourists who were taking pictures near Hezbollah HQ’s if they have ever been told off more respectfully. Ask villagers of other faiths in Hezbollah “cantons” (as you call them) if they have ever been bothered on the question of faith. As for the rest of us, ask us if we have ever heard any other politician, in Lebanon and elsewhere, be more honest. You can also ask Israelis in 2006 why they stopped listening to their leaders and started watching Al Manar to know whether they should take shelter or not. They are human and they are humane.

Saying that Hezbollah is more dangerous than Al-Qaeda or ISIS is an outrage, and I don’t know what to say to such a colossally misleading statement.

In conclusion, Hezbollah is a Lebanese party. You, on the other hand, are nothing but an ignorant prick with a title. It’s a shame that you are in a position to represent Lebanon in any way. You do not deserve it.

Sincerely Outraged,
Zeina el Jorr/Humble Lebanese Citizen

Elias Bejjan/My reply to Zeina el Jorr
October 28/14/Thank you Dear Zeina for putting a great effort to both read my piece and comment on its contents so eloquently and so extensively and so emotionally!!! I am really flattered.  Your unquestionable and strong support to the terrorist-Iranian Hezbollah,  is vey clear from each word that you wrote. Well her lies the core and essence of Lebanon’s current and on going dilemma that I focused on in my piece. Definitely I do not share any of your stances or your trend of accusations and “Israelization”, tags, but sadly this derailed kind of superficial, denominational and delusional thinking is cancerously sweeping into the minds, hearts and emotions of many Lebanese. I totally understand your way of thinking and your tunnel vision in regards to Hezbollah, the Iranian occupier!! I respect and admire your opinion “s” on the issues that I addressed, but I do not share them. Really I enjoyed reading your comments.
Thank you