Elias Bejjani: Mercenary Lebanese Politicians & the Sheep/السياسيون اللبنانيون المرتزقه والأتباع القطعان


Mercenary Lebanese Politicians & the Sheep/السياسيون اللبنانيون المرتزقه والأتباع القطعان
Elias Bejjani/October 03/17

The Iranian-Hezbollah occupied Lebanon is at the present time in an SOS urgent need for genuine, free, honest and patriotic voices. Lebanon badly needs a new breed of politicians and not merchants.

Lebanon, the occupied county and its oppressed and impoverished people are in need of patriotic political voices that are loud, strong and are willing and capable for witnessing for the mere truth with no fear, Dhimmitude or personal power and financial agendas.

Sadly the majority of the current active Lebanese politicians, if not all of them, as well as the feudal, Mafiosi parties, and the majority of the officials are evil, greedy, hungry – evil merchants.

In reality and actuality, they are a role model for narcissism and trogon horses, while all their prime focus, interests, alliances, affiliations, activities and stances are totally tailored and engineered to revolve around their own personal power ambitions and their coffers’-bank accounts gains agendas..

In this derailed context he majority of the Lebanese politicians and so called parties are a living miserable model for evilness and corruption. They have no conscience, shame or fear of God’s Day of Judgment.

They never ever honour or respect the Lebanese peoples’ rights or abide by the constitution or any ethical-faith-honesty-transparency codes.

They are professional acrobats and pioneering experts in prostituting any thing and every thing in a bid to promote and serve their own greediness and power-money hungry ambitions.

The sad part in this funny on going theatrical play and dilemma lies in the fact that unfortunately many… many Lebanese citizens are ignorant, lack the ABC of self respect, have no insight in all that is patriotism and blindly follow the corrupted politicians and against all odds accept happily the role sheep.

Yes sheep no more no less.

Our main problem as Lebanese citizens from all religious denominations and from all walks of live is deeply rooted in our education, in our norms for what is wrong and what is not, in our willingness to be subservient if it serves our agendas, in our rotten mentality of opportunism and in our lack of loyalty to our great country…the Land Of the Cedars.

In conclusion, unless we change our own education and mentality and adopt genuine patriotic stances we shall continue to go down more and more.

It remains that and as our popular proverb says:” God does not change what people think and do unless they themselves initiate and work hard on doing so.

Elias Bejjani
Canadian-Lebanese Human Rights activist, journalist and political commentator
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