Elias Bejjani: The Geagea LF(Lebanese Forces), Has Nothing To Do With The Historic LF


The Geagea LF, Has Nothing To Do With The Historic LF
Elias Bejjani/September 16/17

Sadly and it really hurts to say it: Mr. Samir Geagea’s current LF (Lebanese Forces) is not in any way, or even close to the Historic LF by any means. not at all.

This version of the LF is proving in reality and actuality and on daily basis, as well as in every political choice, in all its moody and individualized alliances, in all that is related to the Lebanese identity, and to all that is “Lebanese Patriotic Cause” …it is proving without a shadow of a doubt that it is much, much worst than all the other feudal falsely called Lebanese Christian political parties.

What really is so dangerous and so devastating and so disappointing for our Christian societies in both Lebanon and Diaspora is the apparent below zero intellectual and faith level of the Geagea worshipper (they are worshippers and not followers or supporters and this is a proved fact) ) in all that is, free opinion, discretion, knowledge, respect of others and civilized rhetoric.