Elias Bejjani: Who cancelled the Lebanese Army Victory Celebration/?من ألغى احتفالات النصر.. اهل الحكم أم نصرالله


Who cancelled the Lebanese Army Victory Celebration?من ألغى احتفالات النصر اهل الحكم أم نصرالله
Elias Bejjani/13 September/17

Simply Lebanon, the land of the holy cedars was not allowed to celebrate its own recent great Army victory against the two criminal Jihadist and Terrorist organizations, “Al Nosra”, and “Daesh”, that took place on the Lebanese-Syrian borders.

 Who forced the Lebanese officials to cancel the army victory celebration and why?

The Iran occupier, the Hezbollah terrorist armed militia dictated the cancelation decision. The occupier openly and loudly does not want the country’s army and all its other legitimate armed forces to play their role as the sole armed force in in Lebanon.

Hezbollah, the occupier has its own ministate, its own army, its own budget and its own institutions, while at the same time has full control on all the Lebanese government and parliament.

In actuality Hezbollah’s leadership and its General Secretary Hassan Nasrallah who are all handpicked and appointed by the Iranian Mullahs, enjoys almost total hegemony on all Lebanon’s institutions, and officials on all levels.

Meanwhile Hezbollah also controls solely the country’s decision making process including the war-peace one.

On the other hand, it is more than enough for the Lebanese oppressed and impoverished people the non-lebanese Hassan Nasrallah’s delusional series of victories and his bizarre celebrations all around the year.

Although Hezbollah’s enforced cancellation of the army celebration was a humiliation to the whole county, but it might have had one gain which is ..one less celebration.

The Lebanese people want their army to do its job and to let go the victory celebrations.

In reality, Nasrallah is making the Lebanese so nauseated from his victory’ celebrations which in general he makes them swallow by force.

Hezbollah wants the Lebanese army’s role extremely marginal and indecisive in a bid to keep its own army better, stronger, more influential and has the upper hand. In this context Hezollah forced the celebration.

The question is who took the actual decision to cancel the Army Victory Celebrations ..Nasrallah or the Lebanese Government? ..definitely Hezbollah dictated the cancellation decision.

Yesterday Nasrallah himself and a high ranking Iranian official alleged that the Lebanese Army would not have been victorious in ” Al Jroud” region war without Hezbollah’s support.

At the same time the Lebanese pro Hezbollah FM, Jobran  Bassil claimed with no shame that when the Lebanese Army did not take the leading role in “the Jroud region” because of hesitance Hezbollah intervened..

In conclusion Lebanon is an occupied country and the occupier is the Iranian denominational- terrorist armed organization, the so called Hezbollah.

It remains that all the Lebanese ex lebanese 14th of March Coalition politicians and parties who forged a vicious deal with Hezbollah for personal power gains, are  greatly responsible for the on going Hezbollah’s occupation and hegemony.

Elias Bejjani
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