Elias Bejjani/MP, Fatouch is an ugly and shameful politician/الياس بجاني/التوحش وبشاعة ممارسات وثقافة نقولا فتوش


 Lebanon’s MP, Fatouch is an ugly and shameful politician.
Elias Bejjani/ October 20/14/The political and patriotic crime that Zhali’s residents had commit in electing this evil creature, MP, Nicola Fatouch is fatal and unforgivable. This politician in his political stances, practice, conduct, rhetoric and alliances portrays an ugly and scary image that is void of honesty, patriotism, self respect and humanity. His aggressive, arrogant and rude conduct today with a female official employee must not let go without judicial investigation and appropriate charges. In conclusion politicians from the likes of Fatouch must be not elected or given any sort of public confidence. His conduct of today is greatly condemned. 

Lebanon MP Fattoush punches woman in the neck
Oct. 20, 2014 /The Daily Star/BEIRUT: MP Nicolas Fattoush Monday punched an office worker in the neck after she refused to prioritize his file at the Baabda Judicial Palace, a source inside the courthouse told The Daily Star. Fattoush arrived to the office of Manal Daou, an administrative officer responsible for processing complaints by lawyers. The lawmaker handed Daou his file and asked her to expedite it, but she responded that she was already working on another file, and that he would have to wait a few minutes before she could help him. Angered by her request, the Zahle MP notified Daou of his position in government, and demanded that she give him priority. The situation quickly escalated with the office worker refusing to make an exception, and repeating for him to wait with the other visitors.
Fattoush then raised his voice and began to punch her repeatedly in the throat, the source said. Daou’s coworkers and Fattoush’s bodyguard quickly intervened, creating a ruckus in the facility that only calmed down after the MP and his bodyguard left. The staff expressed their anger over Fattoush’s attack, and called on authorities and Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi to respond to the case. The sources said that many people witnessed the incident, and that Daou has filed a lawsuit against Fattoush through the office of the prosecutor.

No more Fattouch, please
Myra Abdallah/Now Lebanon/Published: 20/10/2014
Has it become ordinary for an MP to punch a government employee only because she did her job unusually well? Lebanese people are always complaining that government employees are all about slacking, favoritism and bribes. So when an employee asks someone to wait in line, she should be hailed as a hero and be given a trophy, not punched!Earlier today, MP Nicolas Fattouch punched an employee, Manal Daou in the throat, because she was doing her job in the Lebanese Justice Palace in Baabda. Fattouch attacked Daou because “he can’t wait.” Daou, who is responsible for filing the complaints at the Justice Palace, asked Fattouch – who was filing a complaint at Daou’s desk – to wait for her till she processes other complaints previously presented by other lawyers.He punched her and walked out free, and upset. Yes, upset because he punched her.By attacking her, Fattouch assaulted her as a citizen, and also showed complete disregard for the state institution where she works.The incident went viral on both social and traditional media. Civil society activists and journalist will speak up, as usual. The buzz will die in a few days, until another assault on another citizen takes place (remember Bassil’s Caroline?).Maybe enough is enough. Fattouch has already destroyed many Lebanese mountains with his illegal quarries. He really needs to be stopped.We call for the Lebanese authorities to take action. Fattouch should be held accountable for his disgraceful attitude. Stop Fattouch now!


 التوحش وبشاعة ممارسات وثقافة نقولا فتوش
الياس بجاني/20 تشرين الأول/14نقولا فتوش نموذج فاحش للتوحش السياسي والمافياوي الذي بلي به لبنان وشعبه. إن جريمة الزحالنة أحبائنا الأبطال والطيبين في السياسة أنهم انتخبوا أسوا ما عندهم وافجعهم وأكثرهم فجوراً. الفتوش نقولا كنائب وسياسي يمثل  في ممارساته ومواقفه وتحالفاته التوحش بأبشع صوره وأهل زحله الأشراف براء منه. في زمن المحل والبؤس والإنحطاط القيمي والأخلاقي والوطني الذي نعيشه إن ممارسات الفتوش السياسية ليست هي الشواذ، بل للأسف هو القاعدة ولكنها قاعدة مهزوزة ومتغيرة وآيلة للسقوط بكل تأكيد والمسألة مسألة وقت ليس إلا.
في أسفل نموذج للمارسات الفتوش التي ضجت بها الصحافة ومواقع التواصل الإجتماعي اليوم.

 أقدم النائب نقولا فتوش على لكم منال ضو وهي موظفة مسؤولة عن تسجيل شكاوى المحامين في قصر عدل بعبدا.
وكالات/20/10/14/وروت مصادر في قصر العدل للـ LBCI أن النائب فتوش وصل إلى المكتب حيث منال ضو وطلب منها تسجيل شكوى كانت بحوزته فاستمهلته ريثما تسجل شكاوى سابقة تقدم بها محامون آخرون ما أدى إلى انزعاجه فرفع صوته: قائلا “أنا النائب نقولا فتوش ولا أستطيع الإنتظار.فردت الموظفة قائلة: “تكرم عينك بس بالدور”، فما كان منه إلا أن لكمها على رقبتها عندها تدخل أحد زملائها محاولا تهدئة النائب فتوش إلا أن مرافق فتوش حاول التدخل أيضاً فعمل الحاضرون هناك على تهدئة الوضع وغادر فتوش مع مرافقه.