Elias Bejjani: A new Lebanese Leadership is a must لبنان القداسة والتاريخ بحاجة إلى قيادات جديدة


A new Lebanese Leadership is a must لبنان القداسة والتاريخ بحاجة إلى قيادات جديدة
Elias Bejjani/August 19/17

Lebanon, the land of the Holy Cedars,
Lebanon the holiness and the Godly treasure
Lebanon the heavenly gift,
Lebanon the freedom, the coexistence, the tolerance, the civilization, the sovereignty and independence, this beloved Lebanon that is deeply and solidly rooted in our hearts minds and conscience is the Lebanon that we the patriotic Lebanese have an obligation to fight for, proclaim and safeguard.
This Lebanon of the 7000 years of history and civilization is the Lebanon that we should never ever abandon no matter what the sacrifices are or will be.
This Lebanon, the Godly gift must be the prime salvation task for all the Lebanese citizens in both Lebanon and Diaspora from all denominational sects and from all walks of live.
The ABC of Lebanon’s salvation from terrorism ,terrorists, local mercenaries and all the Iscariot like leaders-politicians-parties-clergy and officials starts with kicking out of the political life and arena the majority of the current corrupted, Trojan leaders and the so called political parties.
We, the free, faithful and patriotic Lebanese must select and elect wisely a new political patriotic figures and leadership who are 100% Lebanese by all means, on all level, in all domains and by all standards of devotion and honesty.
A new Leadership is a must and all the other resistance steps and stages will evolve and grow solidly around the clock.
God Bless and Safeguard Our Beloved Lebanon