Detailed LCCC English News Bulletin For July 27/17


Detailed LCCC English News Bulletin For July 27/17

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Titles For Latest LCCC Bulletin analysis & editorials from miscellaneous sources published on July 26-27/17
Hezbollah is Everything That is Not Lebanese/Elias Bejjani/July 26/17
Crossing the Potomac: Saad Hariri’s difficult visit to the White House/Makram Rabah/MEE/July 25/17
Trump, Lebanese leader pledge solidarity against terrorism/Darlene Superville/Washington Post/July 25/17
Can Lebanon survive Syria, Israel — and President Trump/Nora Boustany and Daniel Williams/The Washington Post /July 25/17
Hariri in a lecture at Carnegie: Lebanon is an asset to the region and the world/NNA/July 26/17
Failure of Mediation… A Message to Doha/Abdulrahman Al-Rashed/Al Sharq AlAwsat/July 26/17
UK Terrorism: ‘Enough’ is Not ‘Enough’/Douglas Murray/Gatestone Institute/July 26/17
Silicon Valley Censorship/Samuel Westrop/Gatestone Institute/July 26/17
Palestinians: Abbas’s Security Doubletalk/Bassam Tawil/Gatestone Institute/July 26/17
Brexit Disarray Points to Disaster/Clive Crook/Bloomberg/July 26/17

Titles For Latest Lebanese Related News published on July 26-27/17
Hezbollah is Everything That is Not Lebanese
Nasrallah Hails Arsal ‘Victory’, Says Ready to Cede Captured Posts to Army
Haley Urges Security Council to Consider Hizbullah a ‘Destructive Terrorist Force’
Fact Check: Trump Misfires on Situation in Lebanon
Difficult’ Fight for Hizbullah in Arsal’s Outskirts
Hizbullah Shells Nusra, Blows Up Operations Rooms as Top Militant Killed
Army Reinforcements Pour into Bekaa for Possible Anti-IS Attack
Rockets, Arms Seized as ISF Raids IS Suspects in Tripoli
Report: Next Phase of Arsal Offensive Pushes for Militants’ Withdrawal
Clashes Rock Syria Truce Zone, Says Monitor
Hariri: Our First Objective Is to Strengthen the State’s Institutions
U.S. Humanitarian Assistance in Response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis in Lebanon
Kaag, UNRWA Director in Lebanon Visit Ain el-Hilweh Palestine Refugee Camp
Trump: Hezbollah is Menace to Lebanon, Region
Al-Nusra Uses 3 ‘Hezbollah’ Prisoners to Pressure it to Cease Arsal Operations
Syrian warplanes raid militants’ posts in Arsal outskirts
Adwan: Jumbaltt Geagea meeting falls within frame of enduring relationship between both parties
Crossing the Potomac: Saad Hariri’s difficult visit to the White House
Trump, Lebanese leader pledge solidarity against terrorism
Can Lebanon survive Syria, Israel — and President Trump
Hariri in a lecture at Carnegie: Lebanon is an asset to the region and the world

Titles For Latest LCCC Bulletin For Miscellaneous Reports And News published on July 26-27/17
US House Votes to Slap Sanction on Russia, Iran, N.Korea
Trump Won’t Let Assad Get Away with ‘Horrible’ Crimes
Erdogan Says Israel Removal of al-Aqsa Metal Detectors Not Enough
Standoff at Jerusalem Holy Site after Metal Detectors Removed
Israel-Turkey Fallout Deepens over al-Aqsa
PA Calls for Popular Struggle Amid Continued Israeli Measures at Al-Aqsa
Algeria Joins Gulf Crisis Mediation Efforts
Shoukry: Arab Quartet Rejects Any Compromise With Qatar
Al-Jazeera, IRNA to Strengthen Cooperation
European Court of Justice Upholds Hamas Terror Listing
40 Takfirists Killed in North Sinai in One Week
Sisi Urges Media to Spread ‘Fall of the State Phobia’ among Egyptians
Libya’s Sarraj, Haftar Agree to Ceasefire, Elections Next Spring
Libya Welcomes New Terror Designation for 18 Entities, Individuals
Hakim Brings Decades of Close Relations with Iran to an End

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Hezbollah is Everything That is Not Lebanese//ليس في حزب الله أي شيء لبناني
Elias Bejjani/July 26/17
Sadly, the majority of our Lebanese politicians, so falsely called parties, as well as the Terrorist Hezbollah’s hand picked subservient appointed top officials, and in particular the Christian ones are mere Trojans.
They are betraying the peace loving Lebanese people, and marginalizing their deeply rooted great and rich history of 7000 years.
They are evilly practising with no conscience or shame Dhimmitude, cowardice, Taqiyya, Deception and treason in their worst versions of political prostitution, ethical meanness, stupidity, and ignorance.
Like Judas Iscariot the majority of these Christian Trojans in particular have sold Lebanon and its people, martyrs, values, and existence with less than thirty pieces of silver.
They, and with no shame or fear of Almighty God and His Last Day of Judgement are currently hailing the Terrorist Hezbollah’s crimes, invasions and wars and feeling sorry not for the victims but for the Hezbollah killers.
These Lebanese deviated Leaders, politicians, corrupted officials and so called parties are disastrous on all levels and in all domains.
In reality these leaders and politicians are the actual enemies of Lebanon and its people.
In this same realm Dr. Walid Phares addresses today on his face Book Page under the title “1701 and 1559” (in the below patriotic and visionary statement) what the Iranian occupied Lebanon needs for securing its Liberation and the reclaiming of its confiscated independence, freedom and sovereignty.
“1701 and 1559”
Dr. Walid Phares/July 26/17
“US policy is to implement UNSCR 1701 and 1559. Period. It means:
1. Disarming militias, whatever their names and claims are.
2. Lebanese Army and Police sole Lebanese units on Lebanese soil
3. UN guarantees all international borders
Hezbollah and the Jihadists could fight as long as they want, in the mountains or in the cities, in the end there shouldn’t and won’t be terrorists or terror militias around. Time will show.”
May Almighty God Bless and safeguard Lebanon and its people

Elias Bejjani
Canadian-Lebanese Human Rights activist, journalist and political commentator
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