Elias Bejjani/Freedom will ultimately prevail in the Holy Land of the Cedars


Freedom will ultimately prevail in the Holy Land of the Cedars
By: Elias Bejjani
October 14/14

You thugs, thieves, and terrorists no matter how mighty you are currently, or how destructive or big your weapons’ caches are, or how many armed men are on your pay role, no matter what you will ultimately be defeated, humiliated and made to pay for all the atrocities you are committing against each and every Lebanese.

The Lebanese proverb: “If it had remained for others it would not have came to you”, envisages your definite end, Yes no one in Lebanon is bigger or mightier than the Lebanese holy cause.

Your fate is not going in any way to be different from the fate of all those evil people as prophet Isaiah states (Isaiah 33/01 and 02):
“Our enemies are doomed! They have robbed and betrayed, although no one has robbed them or betrayed them. But their time to rob and betray will end, and they themselves will become victims of robbery and treachery”.

In conclusion, You Foreigner forces who occupy Lebanon, and you Lebanese citizens, leaders officials  and clergymen who willingly have sold Lebanon and became mere Trojans and Mercenaries, and you Lebanese who allege to be neutral while your country is being devoured by the Axis Of Evil Forces, All of you be on alert and repent before it is too late.

You all take this note and be aware that our only and only weapon that no one can face or defeat is faith. Watch out this weapon is going to destroy you no matter what and freedom will ultimately prevail in the Holy Land of the Cedars

For our beloved martyrs we say: “rest in peace, your sacrifices will rekindle the freedom, sovereignty and independence in the Land of the Cedars.

Long Live Freedom