Elias Bejjani: Geagea & Hariri Sold the Blood Of the 14Th of March Martyrs/الياس بجاني: جعجع والحريري باعوا دماء شهداء تجمع 14 آذار


Geagea & Hariri Sold the Blood Of the 14Th of March Martyrs
Elias Bejjani/March 14/2022 (From 2016 Archives)

الياس بجاني: جعجع والحريري باعوا دماء شهداء تجمع 14 آذار/من أرشيف عام 2016

All those Lebanese parties, political and clergymen who nominated MP, Michael Aoun for the Lebanese president’s post, while he is still a dire servant and cheap Trojan tool for the Iranian anti-Lebanese and anti-Arabs’ scheme, especially Dr.Samir Geagea, the Lebanese Forces Party leader, and the Ex PM, Saad Al Hariri, The Future Movement leader have openly and with no shame or self respect sold Jobran Tuieni’s blood as well as all the sacrifices and martyrdom of all the 14th of March Martyrs.

Samir Geagea and Saad Al Hariri have totally surrendered to Hezbollah’s terrorism and betrayed the Lebanese people, the 14th of March Coalition aims and objectives and with humiliation licked all their promises and vows.

Geagea and Hariri decided to be a replicate of MP, Michael Aoun and House Speaker, Nabih Berri; mere servants to the terrorist Hezbollah Iranian militia and its Iranian-Syrian masters.

They gave up on the holy cause of liberating Lebanon from the bloody Iranian-Syrian occupation, abandoned cowardly their roles as top notch 14th of March Coalition leaders and with no shame accepted to join the occupier against their country and its people.

They belittled themselves, and betrayed every and each Lebanese citizen who trusted them and believed their promises and vows.

Why did these two prominent 14th of March coalition surrender?

Did actually the Iranian occupier win in Lebanon, or the Iranian invaders have been victorious in their expansionism fights against the Arab….Definitely no, they are not.

Sadly both of them have lost their faith and hope.

They changed their skins, fell preys to Hezbollah’s power lust and governing temptations.

Hariri is hoping to become the coming PM, as a price for his surrender, and Geagea apparently was promised to have for his party two or three influential  ministerial portfolios.

Sadly Al Hariri is totally lost on all levels and in all domains. Meanwhile his speech rhetoric is merely delusional. We strongly believe he did commit suicide and did explode him self for just nothing in return. Hezbollah will not allow him to drink from the rivers of honey and yogurt or enjoy the virgins of the PM, post.

In conclusion, both Geagea and Hariri have betrayed the Lebanese people, licked all their promises and vows and surrendered with humiliation to the Iranian-Syrian Occupier, no more no less.

Accordingly they do not any more represent the free and sovereign Lebanese people or the Cedar’s Revolution.

N.B: The Above Piece Is From The writer’s 2016  Achives

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