Video-Text/Elias Bejjani/(2016 Archive)Is Dr. Geagea Going To Sign A “Paper Of Understanding” With Hezbollah?/الياس بجاني: من أرشيف عام 2016/هل يوقع د. جعجع ورقة تفاهم مع حزب الله


2016 Archive…Is Dr. Geagea Going To Sign A “Paper Of Understanding” With Hezbollah?
Elias Bejjani/September 04/16

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Really, I can’t understand what Dr. Samir Geagea, the leader of the Lebanese Forces Party (LF) is doing and for what?

There is No logic, No comprehensible rational, or any kind of heroism at all in the sudden shocking derailing from his deeply rooted resistance past to the adaption of pro Hezbollah stances  within a very short time.

The man and against all odds took a 180 degree deviation track, and is strongly and openly supporting the Lebanese Iranian puppet and Trojan, MP. Micheal Aoun for the Presidency post that has been vacant for more than two years because of Hezbollah’s intimidation, Iran’s occupational -expansionism agenda, and anti-constitutional stances.

Yesterday Dr. Samir Geagea loudly and fiercely called on the Lebanese members of parliament to immediately elect MP. Micheal Aoun as a president, and bizarrely alleged that this election will be a salvation means for Lebanon.

For heavens sake how could the pro-Iranian Aoun save Lebanon when he himself is an Iranian hostage, puppet, and a mere anti-Lebanese robatic tool.

Aoun has been for the past 11 years against Lebanon’s independence, freedom, sovereignty, democracy, common living, existence, history, identity and not honouring all the Maronite historical national convictions?

Politically, Geagea is committing suicide and at the same solidifying the Iranian occupation and hegemony for nothing in return at all, neither for himself as a politician, not for our people, or for Lebanon’s independence and sovereignty.

MP. Micheal Aoun in 11 years after signing the humiliating “Paper of understanding” with Hezbollah has got nothing from this Iranian terrorist military and denominational proxy in spite of all the cowardice succumbing that he offered.

In the same context, Aoun’s past in reality and practicality is totally ashamed of his present as well as from his future.. and definitely Geagea’s harvest from his pro Iranian coup against himself , against his strong patriotic image, and against his past will not be any different no matter what.

The question is, where Lebanon is heading to after Geagea’s surrender?

Personally, I feel so sad and extremely disappointed, because Dr. Samir Geagea who is well known to be a man of faith, hope and principles is totally replicating the Syrian-Iranian deadly Micheal Aoun’s deviation that took place in year  2006 in the aftermath of the “Paper Of Understanding” that he signed with Hezbollah.

In conclusion, Sadly, all what Dr. Geagea needs to become another Aoun is signing a “Paper Of understanding” with Hezbollah, and quite Frankly I will not be surprised if this happens, although I pray that such a deadly sin shall not occur.

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