Elias Bejjani: What About The Fate Of Those Who lack faith and worship money?وماذا عن مصير الذين ضعف إيمانهم ويعبدون ثروات الأرض الترابية


What About The Fate Of Those Who lack faith and worship money?
Elias Bejjani/November 03//2022
وماذا عن مصير الذين ضعف إيمانهم ويعبدون ثروات الأرض الترابية

Many people do not recognize consciously who they really are, and willingly and viciously hide behind fake faces, or let us say they put on deceiving masks.

Why? because they hate themselves, and mostly burdened with devastating inferiority complexes.

These chameleon like-people do not trust or respect themselves, have no sense of gratitude what so ever, lack faith in God and worship money.

Most of them were initially poor but suddenly became rich.

Instead of investing their riches that are graces from God in helping others and making them happy, especially those of their family members, they alienate themselves from every thing that is related to human feelings, and forget what is actual love, and that love is Almighty God.

They fall into temptation, live in castles of hatred, ruminate on grudges and contemplate revenge.

Not only that, but they start to venomously and destructively envy any one who is happy, respected and descent, but Evilly they use their riches and influence to inflict pain and misery on others.

They become mere sadists and enjoy pain of others, especially pain and suffering of those who are their family members that refuse to succumb and become evil like them

When we look around where ever we are it is very easy to identify many people who are of this evil nature.

The Question is, how they end?

They end paying for all their destructive and vicious acts, if not on this earth, definitely on the Day Of Judgment.

May Almighty God safeguard us from such evil people.

NB: The Above Piece was initially published on August 02/2016. It is republished today with minor changes

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