Detailed LCCC English News Bulletin For February 02/16


Detailed LCCC English News Bulletin For February 02/16

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Titles For Latest LCCC Bulletin analysis & editorials from miscellaneous sources published on February 02/16
Can Hariri coexist with a strong Christian president in Lebanon/Halim Shebaya/Open Democracy/01 Februar /01/16
Hariri could formally endorse Franjieh/Political game over Lebanon presidency becomes more convoluted by the day/Joseph A. Kechichian/Gulf News/February 01/16
No deal for Lebanon/Hussain Abdul-Hussain/Now Lebanon/February 01/16
Hezbollah’s pick for president of Lebanon/Ali Hashem/Al-Monitor/February 01/16
Congress eyes Syrian refugee threat — from Canada/Julian Pecquet/Al-Monitor/February 01/16
Should armed groups allied with al-Qaeda be included in Syria peace talks/Week in Review/Al-Monitor/February 01/16
Germany’s Migrant Deportation Plan: “Political Charade”/Soeren Kern/Gatestone Institute/February 01/16
Scream for snap before they swap/Turki Al-Dakhil/Al Arabiya/February 01/16
The story behind a leaked phone call/Abdulrahman al-Rashed/Al Arabiya/February 01/16
Betting on Russia’s need to withdraw from Syria/Raghida Dergham/Al Arabiya/February 01/16
Geneva talks show that the U.S. has given up on Syria/Dr. Azeem Ibrahim/Al Arabiya/February 01/16
Hugh Fitzgerald: An update on the “islamochristian”/Hugh Fitzgerald /Jihad Watch/February 1, 2016

Titles For Latest Lebanese Related News published on February 02/16
Kidnapped Czechs Freed, Handed Over to General Security
LF Says Discussed with Franjieh ‘Possibility’ of His Nomination but Didn’t Ask for Dialogue with Hizbullah
FPM: Reconciliation with LF Aims at Transcending Sectarian, Political Disputes
Kataeb Condemns Attempts to Impose ‘Sole Presidential Candidate’
One Killed, 7 Wounded in Dispute over Power Generators in Tripoli
Report: Russia after Sierra Leone Denies Claims it Will Receive Lebanon’s Garbage
PM Says Lebanon to Ask for $11 Billion at Donors Conference
Sources: Mustaqbal Seeking to Revive Ties with LF Despite ‘Betrayal’
Salam Says he is Aspiring to End Baabda Vacuum but Pessimistic
Franjieh: I’ll Withdraw My Nomination if Hariri Decides to Back Aoun
Can Hariri coexist with a strong Christian president in Lebanon?
Hariri could formally endorse Franjieh
Political game over Lebanon presidency becomes more convoluted by the day
No deal for Lebanon?
Hezbollah’s pick for president of Lebanon

Titles For Latest LCCC Bulletin For Miscellaneous Reports And News published on February 02/16
Death toll up to 70 from ISIS Damascus attack

U.N. rights boss: War crimes should not be part of any Syria amnesty
New deaths in besieged Syria district: U.N.
Syria talks must lead to ‘transition away from Assad’
Syrian opposition begins formal talks with U.N.
U.S. envoy visited Kurdish-held Syrian north
Egyptian Christian students stand trial for insulting Islam
Saudi reveals identity of second would-be suicide bomber in al-Ahsa
UK mother gets six years for joining ISIS group in Syria
Yemeni Houthi rocket kills child in Saudi border city of Najran
Israel partially closes Ramallah after shooting attack
Italy urges Egypt to resolve missing student mystery
Israeli troops kill alleged Palestinian attacker in West Bank
Three Jewish teens charged over graffiti at Jerusalem church
Hamas hints at prisoner exchange with Israel
Malala seeks to raise $1.4 bln to educate Syrian refugees
S.Sudan Troops Suffocated 50 People in Container

Links From Jihad Watch Site for February 02/16
Hugh Fitzgerald: An update on the “islamochristian”.
Iran: $100 bln in assets ‘fully released’ under nuclear deal.
Muslim father shoots daughter: “After this incident, everyone says I am more respected”.
Islamic State beheads teenager for apostasy.
Iran awards medal given to war heroes for capture of U.S. sailors.
UK: Muslim migrant gets 9 years for joining jihad terror group.
Tsunami of money’ from Saudi Arabia funding 24,000 madrassas in Pakistan.
Islamic State in West Africa murders over 100 in raid on Nigerian village.
Europol warns: Islamic State runs training camps in the middle of Europe.
Afghan Islamic scholars’ fatwa: Peace talks “against Islamic injunctions”.
Muslims in the UK top 3 million, some parts of London almost 50% Muslim.
Robert Spencer in FrontPage: Stop the Presses: Glenn Greenwald’s Lying Again.