Elias Bejjani/Bachir: Is Lebanon’s Eternal glowing torch of pride


Bachir: Is Lebanon’s Eternal glowing torch of  pride.
Elias Bejjani/September 14/2023

Because ultimately we are all going to die, those of us who die for Lebanon’s holy cause, are in a better position then those who keep waiting for the death to come (Dr. Charles Malek)

Oh Bachir, the son of our beloved Lebanon, the land of holiness and saints.

Oh Bachir, you our life’s dream, the one that renews its strength with each and every beat of our hearts.

Oh Bachir, you are the eternal glowing torch of our pride. This torch will stay lit as long as one Lebanese on the surface of this earth remains clinging to your ideals and platform. As long as he keeps hanging to your awakening dream and following your footsteps in martyrdom, courage, caring and devotion.

Oh Bachir, You are the conscience of our eternal Lebanese nation.

Oh Bachir, how could you not be great great and you the descent of Ahiram, Hiram, Hannibal, Cadmous, Zaynoun, Patriarchs Hajola and Hadchiti, Fakereddine, Grand Bachir, Al Bustani, Gobran and Malek.

Oh Bachir, you are Lebanon’s 10,452 Km2 martyr, the one united Lebanon that is crowned with independence, sovereignty, freedoms and dignity.

Oh Bachir, you have carried with heroic pride Lebanon’s distinguishable, identifying emblem. You made it as tall as our holy Cedars and made it as high as the stars in the vast sky. You openly and proudly advocated for our 7,000 years’ deeply rooted history embodied in Lebanon’s holy soil. The soil that is watered throughout time with our grandfathers’ immaculate hard work, sweat, the blood of our martyrs and the prayers of our Saints.

Oh Bachir, you are the son of our steadfast mountain that has been an impervious forte in the face of the grudges of barbarians, the descendants of Timorlank and those intruding on our beloved Lebanon. Those whose only aim is to eradicate our culture, destroy our identity, abolish our civilization, attack our balanced demography and spread among our loving peaceful people their plaques of terrorism, radicalism, savageness, hatred and intolerance.

Oh Bachir, your dream is not dead as the venomous and malevolent people deluded themselves that is was. Nor as those who fear your faith, stubbornness, and perseverance that are personified in the mind, conscience and struggle of Lebanon’s youth. Those who are revolting against injustice, subservience and slavery. Lebanon’s youth who are calling loudly and courageously day and night for Lebanon’s liberation from the Syrian occupier’s abomination (squalor) and the infidelity (atheism) of its local puppets and servants.

Oh Bachir, twenty-one years have passed since you unwillingly left us. But your appealing voice is still ringing in our ears, the voice that triggered the nationally comprehensive, united call for the withdrawal of all foreign armies and the reclaiming of Lebanon’s independence and its free decision making process. Your voice will never leave us as long as we can breathe and the blood circulates in our veins and arteries. Meanwhile your heroic role model in facing hardships will remain our adopted means in dealing with difficulties and setbacks.

Oh Bachir, the criminals who assassinated you have succeeded in taking only your body away from us. Your dream in a free strong, sovereign and united Lebanon lives day and night with us. Yes, they killed your mortal earthy body but failed to defile your ideals, principles, spirit and dream that remain alive in our minds and hearts.

Oh Bachir, after twenty-one years you are still our companion in our joys as well as in our sadness, in our victories and in our retreats. We still share with you our laughs as well as our tears. No one can kill your presence in our hearts.

Oh Bachir, our headstrong people love dreams of rebellion because Almighty God has endowed them graciously with grants of generosity, love, ambition, hope, faith, self-confidence and creativity. Our people are not touched by dreams of the weak, only dreams of the strong appeal to them and for this fact they cling strongly to your dream. The Pharisees and the tax collectors as well as the temple merchants were deluded by their sick minds that by killing your deadly body they could kill your dream. They failed, and were defeated.

Your dream is still as vivid and as strong as it was on day one. Their conspiracy of killing you did not achieve any of its treacherous and criminal objectives.

Oh Bachir, all your enemies have became a forgotten shameful history while your dream is still alive in the hearts of your people who strive for a future that will witness its fulfillment.

Long Live Free Lebanon. May Almighty God bless the souls of Lebanon’s martyrs. We are Bachir, and the dream will not die.

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