Hezbollah supporters attack Senator Cruz at “In Defense of Christians” conference in Washington


Hezbollah supporters attack Senator Cruz at “In Defense of Christians” conference in Washington

 Washington DC, Mideast Newswire

September 11, 2014

 Senator Ted Cruz, who was the key note speaker at a conference last night organized by the newly formed group “In Defense of Christians ” IDC was strongly booed and attacked by the audience of the conference when he declared that “there is no place for bigotry and hatred in America for those who massacre Christians and Jews” and that “Hamas and Hezbollah were terrorist organizations.” The audience which included a significant number of allies to Hezbollah in Lebanon and backers of the Assad regime and Iran, exploded against Cruz and stopped him from resuming his speech. The attacks escalated when the Senator called for an “alliance between the minorities and Israel.” Many participants screamed at Cruz and wanted him to “shut up.”

 Check the report and the video here: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2014/09/10/Ted-Cruz–Opposition-to-Israel-Led-to-Me-Leaving-Event

 Middle East Christian sources in Washington said “these attacks against Senator Cruz should not be surprising, because we have been warned that the conference host, the IDC, was formed to pursue a political agenda in favor of the Iranian and Syrian agenda. The sources said there has been many warnings to Congress, and to Senator Cruz’s office, that many in the audience are supporters of Hezbollah in Lebanon while others are backers of the Assad regime. Several articles over the past few days have warned that the ultimate goal of the IDC conference was “to legitimize Assad and Iran in the United States.” The attacks against Cruz have now revealed what the experts were trying to warn about. Particularly that the conference, its funding, and those who control its policies and staff, are associates with politicians and organizations working with Hezbollah, Assad and Iran. “This attack against an American leader in Washington by Hezbollah supporters, has killed the credibility of the conference in one shot” said a staffer who didn’t want to be cited by name. “This is now Hezbollah’s conference in Washington DC.”