Detailed LCCC English News Bulletin For November 26/15


Detailed LCCC English News Bulletin For November 26/15

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Titles For Latest LCCC Bulletin analysis & editorials from miscellaneous sources published on November 25-26/15
After Turkey’s ‘stab in the back’ to Russia, will anyone support Ankara/Semih Idiz/Al-Monitor/November 25/15/
Khamenei uses Tehran gas summit to slam US/Arash Karami/Al-Monitor/November 25/15
Who Is Jailing and Torturing Palestinian Journalists/Bassam Tawil/Gatestone Institute/November 25/15
Why Turkey’s move against Russia was inevitable/Manuel Almeida/Al Arabiya/November 25/15
Turkey’s downing of a Russian jet is a grave error/Maria Dubovikova/Al Arabiya/November 25/15
Britain is showing resilience after Paris – for now/Chris Doyle/Al Arabiya/November 25/15
Where is ISIS’s Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi/Raed Omari/Al Arabiya/November 25/15
Addressing discrimination against Saudi women/Samar Fatany/Al Arabiya/November 25/15

Titles For Latest LCCC Bulletin for Lebanese Related News published on November 25-26/15
Jones Says U.S. to Keep Providing Lebanon with Security Aid, Intel

Hizbullah Slams Tunisia, Egypt Blasts, Says Terror ‘Fueled by Foreign Forces’
Report: Riyadh Opposes Meddling in Lebanon’s Affairs, Keen on Preserving its Stability
Dialogue Postponed to Dec. 14 as Franjieh Says Willing to Consider March 14 Proposal on Presidency
Saqr Charges 13 Linked to Bourj Barajneh Attack for Belonging to IS
Reports: Rokn Abadi Found Dead in Saudi Arabia
Report: Salam to Tackle Trash Crisis at Dialogue as Environment Minister Skeptical on Exporting Waste
Report: Efforts Ongoing to Schedule Aoun-Franjieh Meeting.

Titles For Latest LCCC Bulletin For Miscellaneous Reports And News published on November 25-26/15
US-Russian discord over Syria stoked by Turkey’s downing of the Russian warplane
Turkey Seeks to Ease Tensions after Downing of Russian Warplane
Rescued Russian Pilot Says No Warning before Jet Downed as Moscow Slams ‘Provocation’
Heavy Russia Raids in Syria Area where Plane Downed, Says Monitor
U.S. Has ‘Concerns’ over Russian Missile System in Syria
Tunisia Closes Border with Libya as IS Claims Deadly Bus Bombing
Less Than Third of Voters Turn Out in Egypt Election
U.S. Sanctions Assad Supporters, Including Man who ‘Buys Oil from IS’
Iraq Political Dispute Leads to Gunfire at TV Station
Kerry Fears Israeli-Palestinian Conflict May ‘Spin out of Control’
Palestinian Stabs Israeli in West Bank, is Shot
Iran General Soleimani Lightly Wounded in Syria
IS Sinai Hotel Attack Toll Rises to 7
Canada Says Reviewing Military Role in Anti-IS Fight

Links From Jihad Watch Site for November 25-26/15
UN adopts 6 resolutions condemning Israel — no mention of “Palestinian” jihad incitement or knife attacks.
Coming soon: More immigrants from Muslim nations than population of D.C. (680,000).
Pakistan: Muslim mob sets Christian TV station on fire.
Global Jihad? Never Heard of It: Berkeley’s Bazian Still Hyping ‘Islamophobia’.
Dallas mayor ‘more fearful’ of white men than Syrian refugees.
SDSU: Muslim Brotherhood-linked student group rallies not against jihad terror, but against “Islamophobia”.
Washington Post: “Want to stop Islamic terrorism? Be nicer to Muslims.”.
New Islamic State video message to US: “We will drown all of you in blood”.
Robert Spencer in FrontPage: Poster Boy for ‘Islamophobia’ Tries to Join ISIS.
New Glazov Gang: The Dreadful Lessons of ISIS’s Paris Massacre.
Muslim feminist “diversity officer” in the UK sends rape threat to Pamela Geller.
Video: Robert Spencer on the theological aspects of Islam that lead to jihad.
Islamic State video threatens Georgians with beheadings, caliphate