Elias Bejjani/Micheal Aoun Has Nothing to do with Lebanese Christian Rights


Micheal Aoun Has Nothing to do with Lebanese Christian Rights
Elias Bejjani/August 14/15

For all the Lebanese Muslims who belief that MP, Micheal Aoun’s recent pro Iranian-Syrian and anti-Lebanese demonstrations did practically infringe in any way on their religious emblems and symbols, for all of them we say loudly, that as sovereign, peace loving  and patriotic Lebanese Christians, he does not by ant means or under any given circumstances represent us or speak on our behalf.

Meanwhile, as genuine Lebanese Christians, we fully support multi culturalism, common living, equality, freedom, democracy and oppose totally this derailed politician’s stances, affiliations, rhetoric and irresponsible conduct which are all in actuality and reality hurt and destroy every thing that is Lebanese and at the same time negate all that is Christian.

Aoun in his set of on going instigative and destructive behaviour is an Iranian-Syrian puppet and has nothing to do with us or with our rights as Lebanese Christians. In our own solid understanding Michael Aoun, is sadly a mere Trojan and an evil politician that serves blindly the Iranian expansionism and terrorist denominational violent scheme.

Apparently all what he does or say is completely dictated on him by his Iranian masters, he is a tool in their dirty hands, No more no less. Accordingly, there is no shed of doubt that Hezbollah ‘s anti-Lebanese devastating and strife scheme agenda is behind all the stupid and childish Aounists recent demonstrations.

We strongly believe that this mentally unbalanced and crazy politician who does not count for the consequences of both his acts and rhetoric has nothing to do with any thing that is Lebanese or Christian values.

As we clearly see it, Aoun is like Judas who betrayed Our Lord Jesus Christ. He is selling himself, his Maronite denomination, the Christian existence, Lebanon the independent state, and the naive herd of his psychopathic and derailed followers for the Iranian occupier and to its occupational and terrorist tool, the so called Hezbollah.

In conclusion, Micheal is in our own eyes is an anti Christ Creature in all what he is doing and uttering and accordingly has nothing to do with the Lebanese Christian’s Rights. We are totally convinced that Aoun in not one of us, therefore we call on every and each faithful Lebanese from all the Lebanese religious denominations to stand against his bizarre and aggressive behaviour and strongly denounce all his treason and madness.

 Long Live our beloved Lebanon

Elias Bejjani
Canadian-Lebanese Human Rights activist, journalist and political commentator
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