Detailed LCCC English News Bulletin For July 17/15



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LCCC Latest analysis, editorials from miscellaneous sources published on July 16-17/15
Israel: Security Asset for the United States/Shoshana Bryen/July 16, 2015
Iran Nuclear Deal: Good and Bad News for Turkey/Burak Bekdil/Gatestone Institute./July 16, 2015
Iran nuclear deal opens the gates of evil in the Middle East/Salman Aldosary/Asharq Al Awsat/16 July/15
Terror apologists encourage extremism/Ali Ibrahim/Asharq Al Awsat/16 July?15 Jul, 2015
Iran’s nuclear deal and us/Abdulrahman al-Rashed/Al Arabiya/16 July/15
For many Arabs, Iranian centrifuges are of the least concern/Joyce Karam/Al Arabiya/16 July/15
Iran Will Cheat. Then What?/Dennis Ross/Washinton Institute/July 16/15
The Iran deal: President Obama’s legacy to the Syrian people/Iran Will Cheat. Then What?
Dennis Ross/Washinton Institute/July 16/15/Netanyahu’s ‘historic’ mistake on Iran/Chris Doyle/Al Arabiya/16 July/15
A Yemen deal? Only if Saleh or the Houthis give in/Manuel Almeida/Al Arabiya/16 July/15
Anger management: Michel Aoun and the Lebanese chaos theory/InsideLebanon/Makram Rabah/16.07.15
What’s Really Wrong with the Iran Nuclear Deal/Robert Satloff/New York Daily News/July 16/15

LCCC Bulletin itles for the Lebanese Related News published on July 16-17/15
Daryan Says Eid al-Fitr Friday, Army Steps Up Security Measures for Occasion
Bank Manager ‘Freed for Ransom’ after Several-Day Kidnap Ordeal
Samaha Seeks to Withdraw Testimony during Retrial
Five Suspects in Police Custody after 1 Dies in Aley Dispute
Knife Attacker Kills Man in Ashrafieh after Long Car Chase
Alain Aoun Confirms Hizbullah Mediation between FPM Chief, Speaker but No Meeting Soon
Berri Says Lebanese ‘Useless’ in Finding Solution to Presidential Crisis
Salam Wants Neutral President to Avoid Victor-Vanquished Scenario
Report: Qatar Promised Ibrahim to Revive Hostages File
Army Ups Measures in Sidon after Revelations on al-Asir
Mayor Arrested for Shooting Dead Young Man in Baalbek
Hbaline Residents to Block Roads Saturday as Minister Says Sukleen to Keep Collecting Waste in Beirut
FPM Supporters Hand Out Flyers in Jbeil, Batroun as Convoys Roam Metn
Four Marines Killed in U.S. Military Shootings, Gunman Dead

LCCC Bulletin Miscellaneous Reports And News published on July 16-17/15
Car Bomb Explodes at Riyadh Checkpoint, Driver Killed
Nuclear Deal Critics Wooed, Iran Leader Urges Caution
Kerry to Launch Gulf Charm Offensive to Sell Iran Deal
ICC Orders Prosecutor to Reconsider Probing Israel’s Gaza Flotilla Raid
Syria’s Aleppo Suffering Three-Week ‘Water Crisis’
Saudi Says Ready to Confront Any Iran ‘Mischief’ in Region
Iran keeps dark loss of its top general in Syria. Syrian Army starts closing in on ISIS-held Palmyra
Obama discusses Iran deal with Saudi King Salman
Iran nuclear deal should be scrutinized carefully: Khamenei
Saudi prince: Iran deal worse than one with N. Korea
Barrel bombs kill 11 civilians in ISIS-held Syrian town
UK adds extra spy plane to fight against ISIS
U.S. bill aims to stop militants from recruiting Americans
Israel hits Gaza after Palestinian rocket attack
Egypt removes jail time for journalists in anti-terror bill
ISIS kills Libyan commander in Benghazi
Exiled Yemeni government gradually returning to Aden: minister

Jehad Watch Latest links for Reports And News
Kerry dismisses Iran’s financial support for Hizballah
Egypt: Three Christians arrested for showing “contempt for Islam”
Islamic State rocket attack sets Egyptian navy warship ablaze
ISIS tweets “Chattanooga” as gunman begins shooting there; 4 murdered
 Chattanooga jihad murderer: Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez
Islamic State jihad bomb plotter: “I am no butcher…it was jihad”
Robert Spencer in PJ Media: Obama’s Freudian Slip was true
Islamic State flogs, puts in metal cages 94 who violated Ramadan fast
Islamic State in Libya puts up billboards ordering women to be fully veiled
France: Jihadis had planned to behead military officer, film the scene
Australia: Bulletproof vests, hoodie with Islamic profession of faith seized
UK: Labour pols covered up Muslim rape gang scandal to court Muslim vote
Mali: Police arrest 20 Islamic jihadists on bus bound for capital
Canada: Jihad mass murder plotter shouted Qur’an verses at jury