Dr Jihad OBEID/The Lebanese Christian Politician who is destroying the Christians


The Lebanese Christian Politician who is destroying the Christians
Dr Jihad OBEID, M.D., M.P.H.
Department of Psychiatry/Columbia

A while ago, I explained (medically) how a mentally ill person can be a destructive person (titled : “Brief Mental Analysis of a destructive person”.).I explained about paranoid disorders and narcissistic disorders. I also gave examples of dangerous behaviours. This person is actually under very heavy drug treatment. But, the medicine has to be changed every two years to avoid adaptation. Presently, the drugs reduce his neurasthenic crisis but are likely to increase his dependency on even heavier medicine. His behaviour is not normal and his ego requires daily compliments to feed his megalomaniac needs. He has to hear things like “he is the greatest of all”, otherwise he can rapidly go on depression.I want to remind you of the correctness and precise description I detailed last time:

•He is jealous of others.
•He is quick to anger and unforgiving of perceived insults (ex: Batrak)
•He thinks of himself as being an extraordinary person above Napoleon, Charles de Gaulle, Churchill, Eisenhower or Hannibal.
•He doesn’t accept to be number two. He wants to always be the president, the king, and will do anything to destroy everything around him to reach his goal.

•He is abiding to a foreign agenda that aims at reducing the Christian representation to one-third in return of His arrival as head of state. This is highly destructive for the future of the Christians in Lebanon.

•He accuses others of his own problems: “Me or nobody”, which was later on changed to: “They will elect me, or I will destroy everything and they will be forced to elect me”; changed recently to : “They are destroying everything because they are not electing me”.

“Yes”, he said:”Beirut was destroyed 6 times, so why not 7 times?”

This man is insane. This is medically obvious. However, there are still Christians following him (although less and less). But let me remind you of something that the Christians have already experienced:

Some Christians supported Arafat, they were traitors.
Some Christians supported Hafez Assad, they were traitors.
Some Christians support the Butcher, they are traitors.

The fact is that we can find traitors among Christians !!!

Today, some Christians support a Madman who is destroying the institutions and all the Christians have constructed during the past 95 years.

Those Christians are traitors. Of course they do not see themselves as traitors. In fact, those who supported Arafat, Hafez, the Butcher (and smuggled explosives inside Lebanon) didn’t consider themselves as traitors. This is normal rejection of the brain called inhibition.

This man, apart from being insane, is sold to the outside. Do we really want someone who takes advantage of others to achieve his own ends? Someone who doesn’t care if the economy will be destroyed and all Lebanese people heading towards poverty and emigrating in mass. Christians should not support someone because they hate someone else. Christians must wake up before it is too late and support someone who is honest, competent and patriot.

Thank you for listening.