Kerry: Criticism of Iran nuclear deal is hysterical


Kerry: Criticism of Iran nuclear deal is hysterical
Ynetnews/Published: 05.02.15 / Israel News

US Secretary of State tells Channel 10 that developing agreement will assure permanent inspection of nuclear facilities, promises US will not sign deal that compromises Israel’s security.
US Secretary of State John Kerry pushed back against criticism of the developing deal with Iran – including comments made by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – in an interview to Channel 10 that will be broadcast on Sunday evening.
The top American diplomats said the reactions to the nuclear agreement being negotiated with Tehran were hysterical, and claimed people must check the facts and examine the information behind the facts.
He stressed that the agreement was not temporary and that inspectors would be working “daily” in Iran permanently.
Kerry also emphasized that the United States would not sign an agreement that compromised Israel’s safety. He vowed that America would not agree to a deal that did not block Tehran’s path to a nuclear bomb and guaranteed the security of the State of Israel.
The top American diplomat said President Barack Obama had made an absolute commitment that Iran will not attain a nuclear weapon and that the current course was in Israel’s best interest.