Walid Phares/Les politiques a la Gaston du Lebanon…


 Les politiques a la Gaston du Lebanon…
Walid Phares DC/April 21

Hezbollah killed Hariri and his companions, but he is our electoral ally after the killing. Hezbollah assassinates politicians, paralyzes the Government, triggers a war, invades West Beirut and attacks the Druze mountain; but we unite with Hezbollah to elect a President and offer the Iran-backed militia, plenty of offices in Yarze (ministry of defense) and at Bustros Palace (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

Hezbollah wages war in Syria, drawing Jihadists to Lebanon. Yeah, we sit down with Hezbollah to resume the hiwar (dialogue). Hezbollah is in Iraq.

Ma3leish, we visit his headquarters in south Lebanon and have a nice lunch. Hezbollah is now in Yemen. Bassita, we can still have a deal with the Hezb on Lebanon’s presidency.

Tayyeb this week Hezbollah wants to invade Mecca and Medina ya shabeb. Aib 3leih (shame on them), responds the politicians. Bass we have “to preserve Lebanon’s unity and civil peace.” So, let’s have another round of hiwar (dialogue).

Eh, these are Lebanon’s politics, a la Gaston, for those who are fans of the famous French cartoon printed in Brussels. With such politics, don’t count on anyone taking that place seriously.