Netanyahu: Nuclear deal gives Iran billions for terrorism, regional


Netanyahu: Nuclear deal gives Iran billions for terrorism, regional
By TOVAH LAZAROFF/04/14/2015/J.Post

 Iran will receive billions of dollars for its terrorism and regional aggression once sanctions against it are lifted under the terms of the framework agreement on its nuclear program, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned on Monday night. “Iran is receiving legitimacy to continue these actions and when the sanctions are lifted shortly, if indeed the deal is approved, it will receive billions of dollars to finance its war and terrorism machines, with international legitimacy,” Netanyahu said. He spoke at a dedication ceremony for the national police academy in Beit Shemesh. “It is grasping the Middle East with arms of terror and blood,” he said. The US has pushed hard for the framework agreement to curb Iran’s nuclear program. since it was negotiated earlier this month between the six powers and Iran. A final accord with Iran is expected to be finished by June.

Israel has argued that the deal leaves Iran with the ability to produce nuclear weapons and that after a decade it could be able to manufacture atomic weapons immediately if it so chooses. “It is a deal that leaves Iran in possession of the capability to arm itself with nuclear weapons,” Netanyahu said. “Iran draws encouragement from the concessions that it is receiving from the major powers [the US, Russia, China, France, Great Britain and German],” Netanyahu said. “The message that Iran is receiving from this is that it is not being called upon to halt its aggression, that it can continue and even increase this aggression, and this is exactly what it is doing,” he said.

 Already on Monday Russia said it had started supplying grain, equipment, and construction materials to Iran in exchange for crude oil under a barter deal. It also said that it had lifted its five year ban on the delivery of S-300 anti-missile systems to Iran, defensive equipment that could make it harder for the US or Israel to execute a military strike. “Before our very eyes an absurd reality is taking shape in which the key to our fate and the future of the Middle East is liable to be delivered into the hands of the fanatical Iranian regime,” he said.
“An agreement full of holes with Iran will not ensure regional stability; a vigorous and resolute policy that prevents it from arming itself with nuclear weapons and compels it to halt its takeover of other nations would,” Netanyahu said.