Elias Bejjani/Iranian-USA Nuclear BAD BAD Deal


Iranian-USA Nuclear  BAD BAD Deal
Elias Bejjani
April 04/15

The Iran nuclear deal with the USA and European countries, Russia and China is an extremely terrible one for the United States, Arab countries, Israel and the world. It does nothing but makes Iranian dictators and Mullahs richer, stronger and more aggressive.

There is no doubt that the deal’s out come will be devastating catastrophes, more wars and more Iranian expansionism and terrorism schemes. Not one sane observer and middle east political expert can possibly believe that Iranian leaders will honor their promises and give up all their nuclear ambitions no matter what .

North Korea is  a bad  example in this domain, and the Iranian Mullahs will replicate the same Korean scenarios, threats, maneuvers, while at the same time continue as usual their on going  laborious vicious efforts to own atomic bombs.

This very bad deal with Iran will spark an arm race in the whole Middle East because each and every country in that region feels threatened in its stability, resources, and existence.

What is scary in this dangerous deal that the Iranian dictators will get more than120 billion Dollars once the sanctions are cancelled. This money definitely will make them more aggressive, more arrogant, more bold and more fanatic and adamant to continue exporting their schemes and to invade and destabilize more countries in the Middle East.

By now the Iranian Mullahs totally occupy and control, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and most of Yemen. With this deal and with the money that they will get they will be able to invade more and more countries.

The irony that entangles this disastrous deal lies in the fact that Mr. Obama is working hard on his obsession to be remembered in history via this deal with Iran. Sadly he will remembered for sure, but as one of the worst USA presidents.

Many observers and politicians in the Middle East strongly believe that this new deal has laid the basis for  breeding new Hitlers in Iran armed with nuclear capabilities.

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