Elias Bejjani and Charbel Barakat/Bill C-51, The Anti-terrorism Act, is a right step on the right track


Bill C-51, The Anti-terrorism Act, is a right step on the right track
By Elias Bejjani and Charbel Barakat
March 09, 2015

We, the undersigned, Elias Bejjani, and Charbel Barakat, as proud Canadian citizens of Lebanese decent, and in our capacity as human rights activists, political commentators, and journalists mostly focusing on Lebanese and Middle East politics and terrorism, emphatically and with full satisfaction commend the Canadian government on its very wise, extremely appropriate and thorough Anti-Terrorism Act proposal (Bill C-51).
We genuinely hope that the Canadian parliament will pass this crucial and badly needed anti-terrorism act as soon as possible.

As Canadian citizens, we all expect our government, as well as our numerous security and intelligence bodies, to safeguard and protect us and the country from all types of threats, especially all forms of terrorism. For all those official bodies to successfully and effectively execute their vital duties, carry out their obligations and fulfill their essential roles, they must be provided with all facilitating tools, and all legal empowering means.
In this context, it is greatly believed that Bill-C51 is a very important legislative tool that is needed for maintaining Canada safe and well-protected from all kinds of terrorism.

Accordingly, we strongly call on each Canadian citizen to carry his/her own share in helping to keep our great country, Canada, safe and terrorism-free. In this realm, all citizens from all walks of life, each in his/her capacity are required to fully cooperate with the government and security bodies and provide them with all the support they need to accomplish their jobs as successfully as possible.

Meanwhile, we as concerned citizens need to understand that if the security bodies are not given the right legislations, they will not be capable of performing their duties. The appropriate legislations help them in aborting and preventing all vicious endeavors of radicalization, fanaticism, faith derailed bullying, and in keeping the country safe in the face of the global war declared by the jihadists against not only Canada, but against each and every country that honors human rights, abides by the Global Charter of Rights, and longs for equality, peace, freedom, democracy, pluralism and common living.

In summary, we are blessed as Canadians because all-encompassing security issues continue in our country to be addressed by the law, and not through the use of extrajudicial government power, oppression and other non-democratic means. At the same, we all must be ready to give up some of our freedom for the common good.

God bless Canada and safeguard its people!

Elias Bejjani
Canadian-Lebanese Human Rights activist, journalist and political commentator
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Charbel Barakat
Retired Lebanese army officer, renowned worldwide expert on terrorism.
Human Rights Activist, Author, analyst & political commentator.
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