Elias Bejjani/Obama is Putting the Whole Middle East In A Chaos Status


Obama is Putting the Whole Middle East In A Chaos Status
Elias Bejjani/19.03.15
President Obama in his blind and ignorant support to a USA Iranian alliance no matter what  is destroying every chance for peace in the Middle East and creating a comprehensive havoc status.

His pro Iranian biased Middle East policies are hurting the USA historic allies, especially the Arab Gulf states and giving boldly and openly his country’s blessings on all levels and in all domains for Iran to occupy, humiliate, subdue and steal the Arab countries.

What is going on currently in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon expose his unwise and hostile policies and clearly shows its evil outcome.

In conclusion, his Middle East policies are extremely dangerous because he is fully supporting the Iranian denominational expansionism savage and notorious schemes.

Hopefully the USA congress will to be able to control Obama’s anti Arab policies before it is too late.

In this context Israeli’s PM, Mr, Netanyahu’s reelection is an important deterring factor for Obama’s delusional disastrous thinking and policies.

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