Dr. Walid Phares/Comparative analysis: “Taateer mutawasel” (Continuous Misery)


Comparative analysis: “Taateer mutawasel” (Continuous Misery)
Walid Phares
January 30.01.15

The Islamic State and Nusra wants to take you back to the 7th century AD, Hezbollah is offering to take you back to the 13th century AD. Surely Hezb is more advanced than Daesh and the Takfiris, for they do not slaughter in public but finish the job fast with car bombs.

However the mainstream Lebanese politicians are definitely a better choice than both Jihadists, the Salaf people and the Wilaya people. Lebanon’s Sicilian-like politicians will take you to the 18th century, where clans rule.

There is a whole solar system in Lebanon with planets circling in different centuries. Most decent people in that country live practically in the 1920s, with little electricity and clean water; the rich lives in cutting edge infrastructure anywhere they want, but Lebanon is the only place where they can impress the poorer Lebanese; the middle class is hoping for their kids to join the 21st century, if not in Lebanon surely overseas.

While some Lebanese have reached the zenith of sciences and arts around the Planet, Hezbollah continues to threaten anyone who doesn’t worship the Shebaa farms as the center of the Universe, and the bearded Takfiris are showing pieces of their bloody Caliphate on the summits of Ersal…”Taateer mutawasil” -continuous misery-

(Sarcasm added for social media purpose only)